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Hotel owners bounce back after MCO with nasi lemak business

When the MCO meant the closure of her hotel, Azureen Rashid and her mother started selling nasi lemak instead to keep her business afloat.

Bijan: Biking around the world and eating piranha

44-year-old Malaysian has travelled deep into the dark and dense Amazon jungles and eaten unique delicacies like fried piranha.

2 Malaysians design ‘magnetic’ clothes for the disabled

Meet Dawn Adaptive, Malaysia’s first adaptive clothing brand with magnetic buttons and zippers for those with disabilities.

Musical family Solianos are now char kway teow maestros

Going by the name Don Char, they cook char kway teow, grilled chicken wings and baked fish with chilli, all on a charcoal fire.

5 types of mask-wearers in Malaysia exposed

Either ignorant or rebellious, many people are still wearing their face masks wrong.

Chef Sherson dishes on business and his next exciting venture

Chef talks about how his restaurant survived the MCO and his excitement over a YouTube cooking series to be filmed in his new kitchen studio.

Walk on the wild side with this California dipping burger

Dip, eat, repeat. Spice up your cheeseburger game by dunking them in Pasadena Burger’s signature cheesy sauces.

8 funny superstitions Malaysians grow up with

Consciously or unconsciously, pretty much everyone secretly believes in one superstition or another every now and then.

6 painful things Penangites learn in the Klang Valley

The confusion and disappointment over Prawn Mee and Hokkien Mee between Penang and KL has gone on for far too long.

Musicians cum entrepreneurs take centre stage at food bazaar

The Malaysian Musicians Food Bazaar hopes to help local musicians who have turned entrepreneurs as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The lavender and strawberry farms of Genting Highlands

Move over Cameron Highlands - Genting Highlands has its own strawberry and lavender farms to woo tourists.

Chin Swee Caves Temple: Well worth adding to the bucket list

Need a quick retreat from the chaos of the city? Take a drive to Genting’s Chin Swee Caves Temple for the ultimate serene getaway.

Malaysian converts home into Milo memorabilia gallery

Having spent over RM40,000 on his impressive collection, Yusof Ali even owns an antique Milo kopitiam cup that retails for RM3,000.

7 best ways to irritate a Penangite

Planning a trip to the land of food? Here are seven things not to say to a Penangite.

5 must-try Nasi Kandar places in Penang

Penangites were consulted during the production of this list, so rest assured only the best Nasi Kandar restaurants were chosen.

Bekas pramugara MAS pamer kebolehan reka patung Barbie dalam pakaian tradisional...

Wesley Hilton mahu promosi budaya masyarakat Borneo melalui penciptaan boneka Barbie yang memakai pelbagai pakaian tradisional Borneo.

Sarawakian is giving the basic Barbie an ethnic makeover

Wesley Anak Juntan started customising Barbie dolls in beautiful, traditional outfits from Sabah and Sarawak during the MCO period.

Local Tamil movie makes it into Malaysia Book of Records

Directed by Viknes and Thanesh Perrabu, 'Paramapatham' was recently recognised for the ‘Most Tamil Movie Awards Won by a Movie Director’.

Artist with autism draws Dr Noor Hisham on coffee cup

Luqman Hakim’s artwork has impressed netizens and even caught the eye of the Health DG himself.

‘Ayam Kampung Burger’ tarikan utama 2 usahawan OKU

Kecacatan yang dialami sejak lahir bukan penghalang untuk 2 usahawan OKU untuk berjaya setanding dengan usahawan burger lain.

No disability can diminish this duo’s hunger for success

Farid Zainuddin and Idzham Azahar are both deaf and mute but are proving to be capable entrepreneurs who run their own burger stall in Bangi.

Local artist pays tribute to King and Health DG

Suhaimi Ali paints a giant mural with the portraits of the King and the health director-general, who were voices of calm during the Covid-19 crisis.

Artist crafts ‘food’ earrings so lifelike, you’ll want to eat it

Wee Lim's realistic renditions of kaya pau, nasi lemak, M&M and roast pork make delightful costume jewellery that is truly eye-catching.

Music’s all in the game of love for Paul Augustin

The man who put Penang on the jazz festival map is the recipient of the 17th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards Gamechanger.