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Dr Ting explains why he turned down TalentCorp offer

The ex-Pujut assemblyman says he was already 'very involved' in the community and politics and that a full-time medical career was not 'tenable'.

DAP motion to withdraw bankruptcy allegation thrown out

Sarawak's Second Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh says Dr Ting Tiong Choon was still a bankrupt last year, pointing to search results as recent as last July.

DAP: Sarawak CM’s LRT plan ‘Frankenstein-esque’

It says if Abang Johari's plan is to build a high-speed rail system instead of the LRT, then he should build one that connects all cities and towns in Sarawak.

DAP wants minister to apologise, withdraw claim sacked lawmaker a bankrupt

Opposition party files motion against Wong Soon Koh for allegedly misleading state assembly.

SUPP: BN parties have first bite at cherry over Pujut

Sim Kui Hian says while SUPP doors remain open to UPP, it would not give up its right to contest as a BN component, should Pujut be up for a by-election.

DAP to sue Sarawak speaker for dismissal of Dr Ting

‘What happened two days ago will go down in history as a stigma on Abang Johari's administration,’ says state DAP leader Chong Chieng Jen.

Isu Adun Pujut: DAP Sarawak bincang tindakan hari ini

Jawatankuasa DAP Negeri akan mengadakan mesyuarat tergempar bagi membincangkan perkara tentang kehilangan kelayakan Ting sebagai wakil yang dipilih, kata pemimpin DAP Sarawak, Chong Chieng Jen.

DAP: Dismissal of Sarawak rep purview of Federal Court alone

How could BN members see themselves as more knowledgeable and with more authority than Federal Court judges?, asks DAP's Wong King Wei.

Sarawak DAP to decide on legal action over Pujut rep’s dismissal

Emergency party meeting today to discuss legal recourse says state DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen, who accuses BN reps, speaker of usurping powers of judiciary.

UPP and SUPP: A brief history of squabbling Chinese ‘brothers’

UPP leader Wong Soon Koh speaks of collaboration with his former party SUPP, in order to win back Chinese majority seats in next general election.

Uproar in Sarawak assembly as DAP rep disqualified

SUPP’s Wong Soon Koh demands Dr Ting Ching Choon state if he has Australian citizenship.

SUPP leader: Don’t compare me to DAP rep

SUPP's Dr Sim Kui Hian says he, too, spent many years in Australia but unlike Dr Ting Tiong Choon, he never took Australian citizenship.

Unprecedented dismissal of lawmaker: Sarawak DAP to mount legal challenge

Calling it a ‘travesty of justice’, opposition cries foul over Barisan Nasional move to disqualify Pujut assemblyman for his previous Australian citizenship.

Sarawak state assemblyman disqualified over Aussie citizenship

70 members of the state legislative assembly voted in favour of disqualifying Dr Ting Tiong Choon.

Abang Johari ikrar bina LRT untuk Kuching

'DAP kata saya cakap kosong. Tidak apa. Kita tengok. Tunggu 3 tahun. Kita tengok siapa cakap kosong,' kata ketua menteri Sarawak

LRT for Kuching: Abang Johari vows to carry on

‘DAP says I am full of hot air. Never mind, just wait. Next three years ... We will deliver what we promise,' Sarawak chief minister says.

Sarawak to raise tax on hill timber by more than 6,000%

The state expects an extra RM300 million annually from the increase in the premium but hopes to ban such exports totally in the near future.

Abolition of cabotage may result in job losses, says DAP

Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen says new policy may not be able to reduce costs of imported goods as some already import directly, from places like China.

New faces in Sarawak cabinet boost Abang Johari’s govt

Chief minister hails the promotions of PBB’s Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah and Talib Zulpilip to solidify the state administration.

Sarawak DAP, PKR leaders promise no more clashes in polls

State PKR head Baru Bian says cooperation in GE14 needed to prevent BN from continuing its hold over the federal government.

RUU referendum PKR Sarawak gimik publisiti, dakwa BN

Sebaliknya, parti pembangkang, Parti Reformasi Negeri mahu RUU seumpama itu yang bersifat terikat dengan undang-undang dan dibawa ke Parlimen.

Sarawak referendum move dismissed as ‘publicity stunt’

Both Sarawak BN and state opposition leaders criticise bid by PKR to table bill for non-binding 'citizens-initiated' referendum calling it a waste of money.

EC directive paves way for phantom voters, says PH youth rep

Pakatan Harapan Youth representative says Election Commission's move to stop distributing draft of electoral roll will also 'curtail democracy'.

Referendum bill to be proposed in Sarawak assembly

This will allow citizens to call for a referendum on issues close to their heart.