Rosli Khan

Rosli Khan
Rosli Khan has spent over 30 years in the transport industry, managing more than 100 consultancy projects.

How to ensure people are winners in privatising PLUS

There are several evaluation parameters that the government should be looking at in going through the proposals from bidders.

Beyond Jawi, a plan to address cultural bankruptcy among Malays

The Malays of today no longer have artistic abilities and cultural skills, and yet the education ministry wants to bring back Jawi.

From Dr M’s Langkawi to Anwar’s Port Dickson

If Dr Mahathir Mohamad converted Langkawi from an unknown island into a bustling holiday island, then surely PD under Anwar Ibrahim could be next.

Think long-term about Johor-Singapore transit system

Instead of focusing on saving the pennies and discussing the nitty gritty of the RTS project, look at what possibilities the MRT could bring to Johor Bahru and beyond.

Concerns surround extent of finance ministry’s powers

Malay voters perceive ministry as wielding too much power.

So much potential for train travel

Intercity services should be the main target market for KTMB, but this market has not been exploited.

Ministers’ competency

Many of our ministers have failed to demonstrate their proficiency on the subject matter of their ministries.

Halal gelatine, the missing dimension in the halal market

The absence of a halal gelatine plant does not favour the halal industry.

When outsiders weigh in on highway matters

Some ministerial aides appear to have great power in decision-making.

Tolong tulis: ‘Tololnya beli lebuh raya tol’

Manifesto PH berjanji menghapuskan tol, bukan bererti ia perlu membeli semula konsesi lebuh raya.

Some lessons for Malaysia from our northern neighbour

For the sake of future generations, PH leaders should be brave enough to put a stop to the political degradation.

Jambatan angkat, kemusnahan usahawan dan kegagalan kerajaan Terengganu

Siapa sebenarnya yang merancang untuk merangsangkan ekonomi penduduk setempat?

Look to Singapore, not KL, for PTMP

Instead of copying Kuala Lumpur’s problematic public transport systems, Penang should look to Singapore’s single MRT system.

Time to open up the market for 3rd national car

Set up a level playing field policy for the automotive sector for other brand producers to team up, produce and compete.

Low-hanging fruits in Bosnia

Bosnia offers excellent opportunities to outward-looking Malaysian companies and entrepreneurs who are willing to venture into new untapped markets.

Malaysia Airlines and why the government shouldn’t get involved in business

The government should sell loss-making enterprises instead of entrusting civil servants to turn them around.

Ola Bola: A superb performance by a brilliant cast

The live performance on stage turned out to be much better and more entertaining than the movie version.

Where’s the change at local government level?

Local authorities have not shown any sign of improvement in fighting graft and in providing services to the tax-paying public.

Lacklustre ministers to blame for PH’s Camerons loss, too

The underperformance of ministers has taken a toll on PH as reflected in its defeat by BN in Cameron Highlands last weekend.

Of food, English and Terengganu’s new economy

Terengganu should step up efforts to promote industries such as food and tourism in order to make its mark in the country.

The slow train to Hanoi, a warning on ECRL

If the overnight train from Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang is anything to go by, the ECRL mega project would be a waste of time and resources.

Why are we so far behind in waste management?

The current system does not encourage the separation of rubbish at its source as it makes no difference to the people who operate the system or the collectors and landfill operators.

Clearing the air on halal food in Japan

The halal component would add value to the overall food chain in Japan as far as Muslim consumers are concerned.