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For Mahathir’s next birthday, a movie on his life and times

Shooting on 'Mahathir: The Journey' to begin in December and is expected to be screened in July next year.

Saya tak malu cerita dugaan wanita mahu mengandung, kata permaisuri

Raja Permaisuri Agong bercakap mengenai kesukaran mendapatkan empat anak menerusi rawatan kesuburan.

I’m not ashamed to speak openly about my fertility problems, says...

The Raja Permaisuri Agong talks about her difficulties in getting four children through fertility treatments.

Who are we constructing tall buildings for, asks deputy minister

Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah says those designing buildings must consider livability factors.

Highest number of illegal cigarettes sold in KL, says study

The Illicit Cigarettes Study also shows that Kuala Lumpur recorded the highest spike in illegal cigarette sales this year.

Local author dishes the dirt on motherhood and parenting

The book 'What our mothers could have told us' by Haemala Thanasegaran is a story of perseverance, strength, love and self-discovery.

Time to update whistleblowers act, says minister

Liew Vui Keong says that laws on protecting whistleblowers should take into account recent developments.

The Reading Bus Club goes the extra mile to plug gaps...

Volunteers bring a successful future closer to rural kids by making reading and learning English fun

Polygraph tests don’t detect lies, says criminologist

P Sundramoorthy of Universiti Sains Malaysia says priority should be given to physical evidence such as DNA tests and CCTV recordings.

Ramasamy pertahan kenyataan mengenai LTTE, polis

Ramasamy disoal siasat di bawah Seksyen 506 Kanun Keseksaan kerana intimidasi jenayah dan dakwaan lain berkait keganasan.

Ramasamy stands by remarks on police, LTTE

The Penang deputy chief minister II, who was summoned to Bukit Aman today, speaks of an attempt to 'silence the critics of Zakir Naik'.

Najib remains second most popular opposition leader, survey shows

He comes behind only Khairy Jamaluddin on the popularity and trustworthiness scale.

Grasping through the dark

Stevens Chan Kum Fai founded Dialogue in the Dark as a means of showcasing the struggles that accompany the everyday activities for the visually impaired.

Women’s group launches sports programme to empower poor city girls

Women’s Aid Organisation, in collaboration with The Body Shop Malaysia, will choose 40 to 50 girls for this programme.

Suaram dakwa polis salah tahan, dera dua beranak

Suaram mendakwa Pukalanthee Rajoo dan Linggeswaran Pukalanthee ditahan pada 21 Sept lalu tanpa menjalankan siasatan terlebih dahulu.

Suaram accuses cops of wrongful arrest, torture of suspects

The rights group says the police failed to conduct investigations before making the arrests in Kangar last month.

Pemuda Umno bidas Kementerian Pengangkutan menjelang pelaksanaan peraturan PSV

Setakat ini hanya 25 peratus pemandu e-panggilan yang berdaftar, sedangkan tinggal dua hari sahaja sebelum peraturan berkaitan PSV dikuat kuasa.

Umno Youth hits out at transport ministry ahead of PSV regulation

Its strategic director Wan Agyl Wan Hassan says the minister has not clearly explained or solved the predicament of drivers.

No place for uncivil language in Dewan Rakyat, say elected reps

They say both Hanipa Maidin and Azalina Othman must set a good example and be courteous to each other.

An 86-year-old’s serenity through music

Mariappan is an 86-year-old singer living in Brickfields who once used to be in a singing troupe under Tamil Nadu's ex-chief minister, Jayalalithaa.

Foodpanda pertahan skim pembayaran baru untuk penghantar

Skim pembayaran baru menggunakan model kecekapan yang mana pendapatan penghantar yang membuat lebih banyak penghantaran akan lebih banyak.

Foodpanda defends new payment scheme for riders

Managing director Sayantan Das says the new scheme is based on efficiency whereby riders who do more deliveries earn more.

Pernah gagal dalam bercinta? Jom rasai pengalaman menarik di pameran ‘Break...

Kehilangan insan tersayang bukan perkara pelik, namun ia memerlukan kekuatan untuk bangkit semula daripada kegagalan itu.

Exhibition breaks stereotypes about broken relationships

Break Up Exhibition by Sunway University's psychology department strives to remove the stigma attached to relationship troubles and heartbreak.