Scott Ng


Will PAS drag Umno further right?

Since rural Malay votes are crucial, the ruling party may well decide to get into Hadi's embrace.

Don’t let extremists spoil our Ramadan

The holy month has become a cultural touchpoint for all Malaysians to celebrate.

Whither go the nons?

Does proselytization mean we cannot talk about our beliefs in any way, shape, or form?

Dr Mahathir, Pakatan’s headache

Will it have to offer Mahathir as PM candidate to counter the challenge of a PAS-Umno alliance?

It’s doubtful that Umno can master social media

It won't be able to adapt as long as it's not open to criticism and continues to talk down to the public, especially the young.

Is Zakir Naik worth the trouble?

His continued presence in Malaysia appears to be disrupting our way of life.

Has PKR become irrelevant?

The existence of a pro-PAS faction in Anwar Ibrahim's party is not doing any good to the opposition coalition.

Hishammuddin’s steps to power

The new minister with special functions occupies an unusual but maybe pivotal role.

‘Unusual wealth’ is indeed worth probing

The new reality is that politicians are assumed guilty till proven innocent.

It’s not Islam that non-Muslims distrust

Malaysians have learned to be wary of the government's intentions.

The undoing of Umno’s BN partners

MCA, MIC and their peninsula-based associates suffer from a lack of gumption.

Will Umno win the bet?

Its backing for Hadi's bill indicates that it is depending mainly on Malay support to win GE14 for BN.

Shabudin deserves all the flak he gets

There's no assurance that a rapist will change his ways if he escapes punishment by marrying his victim.

When intellectual discourse is dangerous

Ideas have power, but are they powerful enough to be considered threats to security?

Price hike won’t deter hardcore smokers

The government must enforce anti-smoking rules like it means business.

Things may get worse for young job seekers

If current trends continue, higher education faces the risk of being de-emphasised.

PAS cannot brush aside questions on Hadi’s bill

We must be allowed to fully understand the party's pet legislation because it may affect us all.

Confused conservatives

Conservatism in Malaysia has veered from its roots to become something far more poisonous.

Will Pakatan roll over for Dr M’s agenda?

There's little to suggest that Mahathir will get his way unquestioned, but his ideas so far are eminently reasonable.

Can we have an issues-based GE14?

Being followers of populist politicians obviously hasn’t worked out very well for us.

Is PAS denying that man is fallible?

Those who attended Saturday's rally must have neglected to consider the implications of the party's move to change the law.

Trust and governance

What happens when people no longer trust the government?

Dr M as opposition leader: Why not?

After all, it is the ex-PM who is currently leading the fight against BN.

Unending debate on vernacular education

There's a way forward: have a single education system, but require students to learn a third language.