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Shane Fuentes


Pua: I never called anyone ‘pariah’ in my life

The malicious and fake 'racist tweet' is the amateur work of thugs, a vicious response after licensed Indian traders were prevented from setting up stalls at a Deepavali Bazaar.

Pua: MBPJ Mayor rewarded ‘thuggish’ behaviour

MP "completely shocked and disappointed" that the MBPJ has reversed the decision to relocate the Deepavali Bazaar at Sungai Way village (SS9A).

Archived: Pua tells Sivarasa to forget BN-style ‘thuggish’ politics

Pakatan cannot replace Barisan Nasional (BN) in Putrajaya by emulating the latter’s “cronyism” and “thuggish” politics.

Pua: Shahrol Halmi must explain USD700m to Jho Low

The questions remain on why he willfully defied the Board of Directors of the Ministry of Finance (MoF)-owned 1MDB.

Archived: Zam: Zahid’s visit doesn’t mean I won’t be arrested

Home Minister and DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi visiting his former boss at home doesn’t mean the latter won’t be arrested either for being critical of PM Najib Razak.

Pua: Arul Kanda’s role to expose wrongdoing

The Ministry of Finance has never taken any action against reckless and defiant 1MDB executives.

Gobind: AG ‘going out on a limb’ with Sosma definition

Opposition MP says AG cannot use provisions of the law in isolation against the clear intention of Parliament when framing the law.

Archived: Pua explains wrongdoing at 1MDB in great detail

To “walk the talk”, the MP even previously made a police report with the relevant documents.

Archived: Najib can emulate Hussein Onn on confidence move

The Prime Minister moving a motion of confidence would be a smart political move as it appears unlikely that a majority could be organised to defeat it.

Kit Siang: Najib, ministers ‘silent’ on Orang Asli tragedy

Even with the discovery that two of the missing children, Mirsudiar Aluj and Norieen Yakob, were ‘skin and bones’, Najib and Mahdzir and other ministers have not shown any interest or concern.

Archived: Pua: Arul Kanda obsessed with ‘leaks’, not wrongdoing

It is not for 1MDB to tell an MP what he should or should not do as he’s only ultimately answerable to the rakyat.

Najib going is not overthrowing the gov’t

A former political editor urged that the people come together and save the country from “Najib and his small band of goons”.

Pua: Enough for AG to act on 1MDB

1MDB chief Arul Kanda Kandasamy should confirm if the Letter of Authorisation from Bank Negara published by Sarawak Report was also genuine.

Salleh: Mahathir detained many for telling the ‘truth’

Sacked Umno Batu Kawan deputy divisional chief Khairuddin Abu Hassan and lawyer Matthias Chang will go on trial and will have a chance to defend themselves for telling the "truth".

Pua: 1MDB Board betrayed the trust in them

The authorities investigating 1MDB must probe the role of these directors in the Board and charge them for their complicity in the entire monstrous scandal.

Pua: AG must explain ‘slap’ by Bank Negara on 1MDB

Bank Negara, as the responsible investigating agency, will not recklessly publicly demand 1MDB to repatriate USD1.83 billion back to the country.

Mahathir: Rulers’ statement will be ignored

'The Attorney-General appears to be higher than a judge in that his judgment is final and there can be no appeal.'

Zaid: TPPA not without problems for M’sia

The correct course of action was not to slam the door shut on the TPPA but negotiate well and become even more competitive.

Zaid: Secrecy the reason for flak over TPPA

Free trade does not benefit everyone all the time, but many economists argue that the overall liberalisation of global trade will benefit everyone.

AG: Investigations into 1MDB continue

The investigations conducted by the respective agencies were never at any time halted or hindered.

Najib’s lawyers to wait for Ling’s ‘official’ reply

The lawyers, in a reference to a signed statement by the former MCA Chief, say that they can’t comment on news circulating on the net.

Archived: Pua: Top S’pore diplomat’s views on M’sia outdated

Bilahari’s unapologetically selfish and arrogant views only cement the perception of Singapore as the contemptible Shylock of Southeast Asia.

MACC probes Umno MP, seven others, for graft

A GLC has been under MACC watch mostly for the purchase of overpriced properties in the United Kingdom, Indonesia and at home.

Lawyers want Sedition Act abolished

The Act is vague and is being used in a selective manner to prosecute and persecute and stamp out dissent.