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Sharifah Munirah Alatas

Sharifah Munirah Alatas
Dr Sharifah Munirah Alatas is an academic specialising in geopolitics with a special interest in socio-political issues of developing nations.

The ticking time bomb of hatred

There are some who seem to suggest that Muslims have no moral right in their indignation of white supremacist terrorism because their own backyard is strewn with garbage.

Politics of identity is ruining democracy

The government should not be afraid to 'rock the boat' if it believes it is the morally sincere thing to do.

A one-way ticket out of Putrajaya

PH will not have the staying power if they do not pay attention to economic and education reforms that would otherwise benefit the grassroots.

In Malaysia, is sorry really the hardest word?

It seems that apologies in the political arena have little to do with strengthening national cohesion and more to do with massaging egos.

Our leaders need a change in mindset – but so do...

Most of us are unwilling to change our beliefs, and the less we know about an issue, the more extreme our opinions seem to be.

The truth about the ‘new’ world order

Debates about the new world order should include India, the Muslim world, and regional powers such as Asean.

Anti-Semitism as an imperialistic ploy

Branding leaders and countries as anti-Semitic is as good as exploitation, tutelage, forced conformation and domination.

The dangerous ways we acquire knowledge

What we need in post-election Malaysia is to focus on how Malaysians acquire knowledge.

What’s behind Anwar’s visit to India?

India and Malaysia may look up to each other as influential and democratically matured Asian powers, but in reality, both nurse mutually inflicted wounds.

Malaysia’s critical role in a failed Muslim world

Like the rest of the Muslim world, Malaysia has a steep uphill trek in order to overcome backwardness.

Putting into context the myth of lazy natives

Malaysian society should see Dr Mahathir’s comments and Alatas’ book as an appeal to blast the Malays out of their insecure realm so they can compete on equal footing without the 'malas' baggage.

The dangers of feudalism in Malaysian society

The people must be taught that feudalism is not acceptable just because it is part of Malaysian tradition.

Euphemisms in geopolitics

It is time for Malaysia to articulate its own narrative to describe the reality of geopolitics, and to call a spade, a spade.

Teacher education, the missing link

The time is ripe for our society to direct the education narrative to include teacher training.

Starry eyes over Japanese, Finnish education system not enough

Malaysia talks a lot about following the Finnish and Japanese education models, but there are still no concrete measures or results to be seen.

Language, civilisation and pseudo-intellectuals

People like Hasan Arifin and his supporters cannot distinguish between modernisation, Westernisation and imperialism.

No need to revamp our higher education system

It is not the system as much as the mind and the thinking which have failed our universities.

The road ahead for Ombudsman Malaysia

It is definitely time for an Ombudsman Malaysia but fears remain that history could repeat itself.

How much do we really know about our mindset?

There is a difference between the victory over corruption and cronyism and a true opening up of democratic ideals.

Hard-nosed, not hook-nosed

The era of BN cronyism, corruption and nepotism may be over, but after more than two decades of such culture and mindset, it is proving difficult to eradicate.