Sharifah Munirah Alatas

Sharifah Munirah Alatas
Dr Sharifah Munirah Alatas is an academic with an interest in geopolitics, foreign policy, education and socio-political reform in developing nations.

Moving forward in our reform agenda

Leaders are being irresponsible when they spread falsities about the urban-rural divide and the gap between the rich and the poor.

World university rankings have become an ‘arms race’

Rankings are a form of academic imperialism, a powerful instrument of knowledge ownership initiated by the developed West, and imposed globally.

Forgotten Islamic values in the drink-driving debate

Traditional Islamic leadership practices promote societal harmony and justice amidst religious pluralism.

The good and bad – mostly bad – of online learning

Virtual classrooms may result in an intellectually lazier academic.

Stop asking the wrong questions

The new normal everyone is bandying around is premised on misconstrued values.

Covid-19 a wake-up call for education

Sociologists, philosophers and psychologists must be able to translate the existential fallout of Covid-19.

The ‘itchy fingers’ pandemic

The information overload has revealed thousands of ignoramuses, and a surge of racist and bigoted sentiments

Please, no more games

Our political history to date has been consistent in ignoring pleas to our politicians to conduct themselves morally.

Islamophobia and its disturbing parallel in Malaysia

Supremacist ideologies transcend national borders, and there is a disturbing parallel in Malaysia’s current socio-political narratives.

What ails our universities

Malaysians can be globally competitive and widely respected if we decide to be consistent in the fundamentals.

Read, study, understand, then comment

Abdul Hadi Awang's attack on G25 highlights a thinking that topics of Islam and Malays should only be addressed by 'good' Muslims and Malays.

Acceptance, not tolerance

It is not good to be bigoted, but it is not good enough to be tolerant.

After leaked phone calls, an ignorance on foreign relations

Should the UAE leadership react irrationally and cease all relations, it is not the doing of Latheefa Koya.

KL Summit, a story of cynicism and success

There is no excuse to be ignorant of how Saudi Arabia manipulates the foreign and domestic policies of other Muslim nations, including Malaysia.

Banish public relations slogans from education reform

Our universities should be focused on more courses and research in the social sciences, which address the details of interracial intolerance in our society.

The misunderstood concepts of progressive and liberal Islam

A liberal and progressive Muslim is seen as a threat to the status quo.

Shackled by the rhetoric of ‘Rahmatan Lil Alamin’

Malaysia under PH seems to have a lot in common with the rest of the intellectually backward Muslim world.

Freedom of speech: one for Jews, another for Muslims

Those kicking up a fuss about Dr Mahathir Mohamad speaking at Columbia University are no more than intimidating groups with a false sense of morality.

Beauty and the brains: the Alatas family love story

A daughter's tribute to one of Malaysia's best known intellectuals – and the largely-forgotten woman by his side.

What India’s space mission can teach us

Despite the transfusion of 'new blood' on May 9, we continue in a half-hearted, superficial vision of development.

Malaysia is a nation of extremes

Extremism can either rear its ugly head or contribute to progressive collective behaviour.

Scholars or charlatans?

The lack of academic freedom is a secondary reason for a dead academic culture.

Decadence in academe

There is a trend to separate human development from economic growth and nation building.

Our academic regression is at a critical stage

When it comes to education, we have failed to adopt and adapt because we are ignorant of what to adopt and adapt.