Sharifah Munirah Alatas

Sharifah Munirah Alatas
Dr Sharifah Munirah Alatas is an academic specialising in geopolitics with a special interest in socio-political issues of developing nations.

Acceptance, not tolerance

It is not good to be bigoted, but it is not good enough to be tolerant.

After leaked phone calls, an ignorance on foreign relations

Should the UAE leadership react irrationally and cease all relations, it is not the doing of Latheefa Koya.

KL Summit, a story of cynicism and success

There is no excuse to be ignorant of how Saudi Arabia manipulates the foreign and domestic policies of other Muslim nations, including Malaysia.

Banish public relations slogans from education reform

Our universities should be focused on more courses and research in the social sciences, which address the details of interracial intolerance in our society.

The misunderstood concepts of progressive and liberal Islam

A liberal and progressive Muslim is seen as a threat to the status quo.

Shackled by the rhetoric of ‘Rahmatan Lil Alamin’

Malaysia under PH seems to have a lot in common with the rest of the intellectually backward Muslim world.

Freedom of speech: one for Jews, another for Muslims

Those kicking up a fuss about Dr Mahathir Mohamad speaking at Columbia University are no more than intimidating groups with a false sense of morality.

Beauty and the brains: the Alatas family love story

A daughter's tribute to one of Malaysia's best known intellectuals – and the largely-forgotten woman by his side.

What India’s space mission can teach us

Despite the transfusion of 'new blood' on May 9, we continue in a half-hearted, superficial vision of development.

Malaysia is a nation of extremes

Extremism can either rear its ugly head or contribute to progressive collective behaviour.

Scholars or charlatans?

The lack of academic freedom is a secondary reason for a dead academic culture.

Decadence in academe

There is a trend to separate human development from economic growth and nation building.

Our academic regression is at a critical stage

When it comes to education, we have failed to adopt and adapt because we are ignorant of what to adopt and adapt.

Understanding extremism among Malaysian Muslims

There is a conflict resulting from the suppression of rationality among the Malay-Muslims.

Rome Statute, between Hirohito and the Agong

Not one of our constitutional clauses on rulers provides for the declaration of war to be in the hands of the Agong.

Cautious steps to overhaul the media

RTM should not become synonymous with PH. Civil society should push for equal coverage in mainstream government-owned media.

Democratic resistance in our education system

One year after GE14, our academics have yet to crawl out of the woodwork and expose themselves as agents of change.

The sorry state of Malaysian academics

A true public intellectual will remain consistently relevant in the goal to develop a critical society, and there is no room for selfish, egotistical agendas.

A castrated academe perpetuates fads

The recent emotionalism surrounding the Rome Statute showed the failure of Malaysian universities and educators.

The ticking time bomb of hatred

There are some who seem to suggest that Muslims have no moral right in their indignation of white supremacist terrorism because their own backyard is strewn with garbage.

Politics of identity is ruining democracy

The government should not be afraid to 'rock the boat' if it believes it is the morally sincere thing to do.

A one-way ticket out of Putrajaya

PH will not have the staying power if they do not pay attention to economic and education reforms that would otherwise benefit the grassroots.

In Malaysia, is sorry really the hardest word?

It seems that apologies in the political arena have little to do with strengthening national cohesion and more to do with massaging egos.

Our leaders need a change in mindset – but so do...

Most of us are unwilling to change our beliefs, and the less we know about an issue, the more extreme our opinions seem to be.