Sheith Khidhir Bin Abu Bakar


Don’t get soaked in alien ideas, scholars told

An academic association complains that local researchers are reluctant to venture into uncharted territories.

Menteri: Bekas duta sertai majlis perundingan Wisma Putra

Saifuddin Abdullah berkata, satu pelan sama di bawah kerajaan terdahulu gagal dilaksanakan.

Ex-diplomats to be part of Wisma Putra consultative council

Saifuddin Abdullah says a similar plan under the previous government had failed to take off.

We are public officials, never mind what court ruled, says Dr...

The prime minister says top members of his administration can be taken to court for their conduct.

Vision 2020 impossible now due to abuse of power, says Dr...

The prime minister says Malaysia will be the laughing stock of the world if it fails to achieve developed status.

‘Police informer’ fumbles over question on Perlis Hope

Sergeant Shamzaini Mohd Daud is warned against giving false statements at the Suhakam inquiry into the missing activist.

When GPS is unreliable for locating someone

An expert gives some backing to a police claim made at the Suhakam inquiry into Amri Che Mat's disappearance.

Ex-SB man grilled over ‘courtesy call’ on Perlis mufti

Lawyer for family of missing Perlis activist Amri Che Mat questions Awaluddin Jadid on the need for PowerPoint slides during a 'courtesy call' on the Perlis mufti.

Ex-Special Branch man grilled over claim that Shia Muslims ‘dangerous’

Awaluddin Jadid says police view with concern the followers of Shia Islam in Malaysia due to a fatwa labelling it 'deviant'.

Why Najib won’t be another Anwar

Many see the charging of the ex-PM not as political persecution, but the triumph of the rule of law.

Location data not that accurate, police tell Suhakam

Police observer ACP R Munusamy says such information can only pinpoint a person's location within 2 to 3km.

Ex-SB man: I have nothing to do with Amri’s disappearance

However, former DCP Awaluddin Jadid tells Suhakam inquiry that the Special Branch kept an eye on Amri’s Shia activities.

‘How many promises will PH break?’

Ex-G25 member Tawfik Ismail says Pakatan Harapan, in deciding to maintain BTN, has failed to keep its word.

Cops told to get location data of witnesses in Amri’s disappearance

They include a 'whistleblower' who Amri's wife said had told her that police were behind her husband's disappearance.

Data the key to fighting tobacco firms, says Wong Chen

The Subang Jaya MP says this will help anti-tobacco advocates form strong arguments against big tobacco corporations.

Ku Li boleh satukan Umno, kata penganalisis

Beliau dihormati kerana berdarah raja, rekod perkhidmatan, imej bersih dan sikap ikhlasnya, kata Kamarul Zaman Yusoff

Analyst sees Ku Li as the man to unite Umno

He commands respect for his royal blood, his service record, his apparent sincerity and his clean image, says Kamarul Zaman Yusoff.

Umno vet: We need a full-term president

Azim Zabidi worries that Zahid Hamidi will win and then get implicated in MACC investigations.

Arrogance was Umno’s downfall, says Ku Li

The Umno veteran says as long as this culture of arrogance continues, the party will not see the reforms it needs.

Suaram tuntut PH kotakan janji hapus Akta MKN

NGO hak asasi manusia itu berkata, PH tidak patut melanggar janjinya untuk memansuhkan undang-undang bersifat menindas dalam manifesto PRU14.

Don’t backtrack on NSC, Suaram tells PH

The coalition is reminded of its promise to repeal oppressive laws.

Malaysia to make things easier for investors, says Dr M

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says the government will practise a more open economy.

Mavcom followed rules, Anthony Loke tells disgruntled airlines

Transport minister says if airlines feel they are being treated unfairly, they should take action.

Islamic bodies need advisers, banned author tells Putrajaya council

Faisal Tehrani was among several Muslim scholars and activists called by the Council of Eminent Persons today.