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Anak Malaysia menang ‘Oscar’ ahli silap mata

Vikneswaran menewaskan beberapa pesaing teratas dalam kategori ‘Best Magician Multi-Talented’, dalam satu majlis yang diadakan di Bangkok, Thailand minggu lepas.

Malaysian wins Merlin award, the ‘Oscar’ for magicians

Vikneswaran Allagu is crowned by the International Magician's Society (IMS) in the multi-talented category in an awards ceremony in Bangkok.

Tamil protest: Sign of warped priorities?

Instead of attacking monks and diplomats, it would be much better for Malaysian Indians to channel their energy towards advancing their community.

Sanjeevan dibebaskan dengan ikat jamin

Pengerusi MyWatch itu didakwa dengan satu lagi kes peras ugut pada 2013 di Mahkamah Majistret Temerloh, pagi tadi.

Sanjeevan out on bail after latest arrest

MyWatch chairman charged with extortion at the Temerloh court this morning in a case that goes back to 2013.

Calm down, Sivarraajh

The MIC Youth chief would do better to get his party to address the problem of Indian gangsterism than to attack people who are trying to do so.

Border porousness must be urgently addressed

What's happened to the plan to collaborate with Thailand to build a wall at our northern frontier?

Pengunjung ugut saman kelab malam Puchong

Jaiseelan berkata, jika penyerang menyasarkannya, kenapa mereka tidak terus tembak beliau sebaliknya bersusah payah lontar sebutir bom?

Grenade attack victim slams bar owner for blaming him

'If the attackers were after me, why didn't they just shoot me, instead of taking the trouble to hurl a bomb?' says Jaiseelan, threatening to sue over the false allegation.

Who got the money that Abu Sayyaf didn’t?

It's easier to believe that ransom was paid than to buy the story about RM12 million being given to charity.

Academic cheating has become big business

For the sake of the nation's future, the government must do something to end the racket.

How can you get it so wrong, Mr BTN chief?

It's amazing how Ibrahim Saad can't see that racism today is worse than it has ever been.

Kugan, dari budak penghantar surat kepada juruterbang

Meskipun ditawarkan untuk jawatan 'despatch' tetapi Kugan menerimanya dengan hati terbuka atas satu sebab, dia melihatnya sebagai batu loncatan untuk impiannya.

The despatch boy who became a flier

Here's proof that the sky is the limit to those who persevere.

How to lose an argument

Najib is wrong in saying that the educated are not pressured by the high cost of living.

We need more Paruvathys in this country

Housekeeping staff at theme park finds close to RM10k left behind by an Arab family, turns it in to security and becomes an Internet celebrity.

Beware what you share

Sharing fake or unverified stuff on social media can backfire, as an opposition politician has found out.

Altruism can trump trade interests, after all

In the case of the shoplifter at Tesco, there's a lesson on the social responsibility of corporate bodies.

Kadir on why Ikatan formed third force with PAS

Former cabinet minister says his party's supreme council has unanimously agreed to work with the Islamist party.

Why spend so much to defend contentious issues?

Putrajaya's revelation that it spent over RM600k to "justify" 1MDB and the Red Shirts rally is an absolute waste of resources, done at the expense of the rakyat.

Teen scores big despite lacking basic amenities

K Phugeneswaran thumbed his nose at poverty and succeeded through sheer hard work.

No nearer to unlocking the MH370 mystery

Theories and explanations abound, but the burning question remains: where is the plane and what happened to it?

Kudos to the Malay couple who helped Sellamah out

Couple who settled the convicted woman's fine and drove all the way to Kajang Prison to get her released is an example of what is still right in Malaysia.

Suggestion to allow illegal racing does not make sense

Why can't Umno/BN educate "Mat Rempits" on the cons of their destructive habits, instead of encouraging it?