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Soo Wern Jun


Tak beku projek pembangunan di KL, kata menteri

Khalid Samad berkata, negara memerlukan projek pembangunan untuk mewujudkan pekerjaan dan masalah berkaitan kesesakan trafik ialah proses berterusan.

Khalid rules out moratorium on KL development

FT Minister says projects create jobs and people need houses, but traffic congestion is a continuing problem.

No problems with Perak MB, says Khalid after coup talk

Amanah official: Don't believe rumours, Ahmad Faizal's resignation not discussed at the top.

Discussions ongoing to replace Ipoh mayor

This is due to Ipoh mayor Zamri Man's prolonged absence from office.

Pasaran akan jatuh jika kadar sewa dihadkan, kata pakar

Pemilik hartanah tidak harus dipaksa menyewakan hartanah kepada penyewa bukan pilihan mereka.

Market will crash if rent rates are capped, says expert

A veteran surveyor recalls a shortage of commercial properties after the government imposed a maximum price in the 1960s.

HIV bukan penentu hidup saya, kata bekas pramugara

Tareq Nassri kini dalam usaha menyediakan kemudahan untuk membantu penghidap HIV/AIDS yang memerlukan sistem sokongan.

HIV doesn’t define me, says ex-flight attendant

Tareq Nassri speaks of his long journey to self-actualisation.

Foundation curing reluctance of doctors to treat AIDS patients

The Malaysian AIDS Foundation has confirmed the stigma in treating such patients is still rife among medical students and doctors.

Valuers board expects no further dip in property market this year

BOVAEP adds that Malaysia is not the only country facing an economic slowdown.

Govt not favouring capitalists at workers’ expense, says deputy minister

Ong Kian Ming says the government is committed to looking after the welfare of the people, including raising the minimum wage.

End-of-Life Vehicle policy still under study, says deputy minister

Ong Kian Ming says the policy needs to be thought about carefully because it affects different people in different ways.

Green groups see more litter since anti-plastic drive

An activist says people appear to feel less guilty about discarding biodegradable alternatives.

Prominent businessman and wife claim trial to exploiting domestic workers

Ketheeswaran M Kanagaratnam and Vivienne Ketheeswaran are accused of exploiting their domestic workers for the purposes of forced labour from October 2012 to March this year.

Don’t wait until last minute to get PSV licence, Loke tells...

The transport minister says this will benefit the industry in the long run as it will ensure a more secure environment for drivers.

Health ministry to issue summonses for smoking ban starting July 1

Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye says summonses will be issued to those caught smoking at eateries after the six-month grace period.

KPN: Polis bekerjasama dengan Suhakam dari mula

Fuzi Harun menepis dakwaan Suhakam mengatakan polis lewat memulakan siasatan ke atas kehilangan Amri Che Mat dan Raymond Koh.

We cooperated with Suhakam right from the start, says top cop

Mohamad Fuzi Harun hits out at claims that the police did not cooperate with Suhakam and that they were tardy in beginning their investigations into the disappearances of Raymond Koh and Amri Che Mat.

Sugar tax to be levied only on manufacturers for now

Health minister says the sugar tax, in force on July 1, will not apply to restaurants and eating places.

New bill for control, enforcement of all tobacco-related products by year-end

The health ministry says the proposed law will cover the dos and don'ts of the industry and the penalties involved.