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Tajuddin Rasdi

Tajuddin Rasdi
Dr Mohd Tajuddin is Professor of Architecture at a local University.

Rethinking the role of professors, post-Rome Statute controversy

If professors serve their political masters, their new masters in a democratic society would be none other than the people.

Our racial media diet

Our staple diet is killing our ideals of what it means to be a Malaysian.

Ramadan in New Malaysia

The coming fasting month is the best time to instil love among Malaysians of all faiths.

Daim’s appraisal of our academics

The fate of our country hinges on academics changing the narratives of what is important for Malaysians in the coming decades and even centuries.

Muftis’ support for ‘kafir’ and the silence that follows

Academics should help reinstate the place of Islam in the constitution and uphold the values of the Rukun Negara.

The end is near for PH, unless…

The next general election may be closer than we think, and PH must act now instead of playing to the gallery.

Insulting the prophet and Asyraf’s jihad

If we love our nation, we should try to contain incidents like insults to an isolated activity.

I told you so, Pakatan

PH must start on major reforms and forget about mollycoddling the Malays

PH leaders wrong to snub MCA’s CNY invite

Is Pakatan Harapan confident of getting the same mass support from the Chinese community as it did in GE14?

Change in education will come, but wait

The right people and plans have been put in place; now members of the public must be patient and understand that change is a process, not a single event.

Malaysian Studies needs a revamp

Three new modules could bring meaning to the Malaysian Studies subject.

Saving Malaysia, again

The struggle continues against misinformation and sedition, which Malaysians must once again counter in order to preserve the ideals entrenched in the constitution.

What our Friday sermons miss

It does seem like our religious officers disagree with the Rukunegara and the constitution.

A radical proposal on religious education

Implementing the Perlis mufti's suggestion of removing Islamic Studies from the main curriculum and teaching all religions in the afternoon session instead may engender better understanding and tolerance among the different communities.

Malaysian Islam seen through 3 men

A look at the views of a PAS leader, the Perlis mufti and a Muslim activist.

In Malaysia, is religion truly for God?

Malaysians should rebuild their faith and their houses of worship to include those of other beliefs as well as the poor and destitute.

The Malay boy who lived among the Chinese

This is the story of a scrawny Malay boy who studied at a Chinese school for five years without once experiencing racist attacks by his classmates.

How does the UEC jeopardise nation-building?

It is in fact the public school system and the Malay educationists who have done this.

Tun, betulkah Melayu malas?

Kelemahan orang Melayu adalah fikiran di bawah tempurung, tidak kritis, tidak luas dan tidak berfikir di luar kotak.

Why TAR UC should still receive government funding

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College has lived up to Tunku's legacy by, among others, providing quality education at a reasonable price and producing well-rounded students.