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Why choose Semporna for citizenship drive, asks former CM

Yong Teck Lee says Semporna is 'a hotspot for illegal landings'.

Kitingan questions politics of race and religion in Sabah

State opposition leader Jeffrey Kitingan says it is strange that an event assumed to be religious will be officiated by the chief minister.

Murut groups squabble after chiefs sign declaration of support for Anwar

Rivals lodge police reports against each other in Sabah.

Budget plugs holes instead of planning for future, says Sabah Umno...

It says budget contributes little towards making sure the people’s buying power increases.

Shafie thankful for RM53 mil in special grant for Sabah

The Sabah chief minister says the doubling of the amount as stipulated in the Federal Constitution will help Sabah despite the 'small increase'.

2020 Budget gives RM5.2 bil to Sabah but not all...

Deputy Chief Minister Christina Liew says the budget is inclusive and covers a lot of ground, while PBS president Maximus Ongkili said it is insufficient to spur economic growth.

Shafie to blame for mess over Water Dept chief’s post, says...

It also urges MACC to make public its investigation into a RM1.5 billion corruption case.

Sabah water chief to stay in post for now despite court...

Amarjit Singh says Chief Minister Shafie Apdal and the state Cabinet had asked him to continue doing his job.

Perlu masa selesai takrif Orang Asal Sabah, kata TKM

Madius Tangau berkata kerajaan negeri berniat mengumpul input daripada semua kumpulan mengenai perkara rumit itu.

Who’s a Sabah native? Decision still long way off, says deputy...

Madius Tangau says the government is working to solve the problem but this will take time.

Sabah Water chief’s appointment unlawful, court rules

Amarjit Singh's appointment is in violation of Section 3 of the Water Supply Enactment, says High Court.

Bapa Leiking, isteri Shafie penerima anugerah tertinggi Sabah

1,282 akan mendapat anugerah sempena ulangtahun kelahiran ke-66 ketua negeri.

Leiking’s father, Shafie’s wife among recipients of Sabah’s highest awards

1,423 to be honoured in conjunction with head of state's 66th birthday celebration.

Kidnappers contacted victim’s family member, say Sabah cops

However, police have not been informed of the amount of ransom demanded.

RM3 billion needed to repair Sabah schools, says Maszlee

The education minister says free education will have to wait for now.

Temporary pass will only encourage more immigrants, warn Sabah Umno women

They say the federal government's move will encourage an influx of foreigners into the state.

Programme attended by Anwar was apolitical, says Murut body

The Murut organisation was forced to explain itself after some participants were told to answer show cause letters issued by Warisan for taking part in the two-day programme.

Ban on slot machines won’t solve Sabah’s gambling problem, says ex-CM

Yong Teck Lee says the vacuum will be quickly filled by illegal slot machine operators.

Bukan Islam tiada masalah kami kerjasama dengan PAS, kata Umno Sabah

Ketua Penerangan Umno Sabah, Raime Unggi yakin kerjasama Umno-PAS tidak akan dipandang negatif oleh orang bukan Islam di Sabah.

Non-Muslims no problem with our alliance with PAS, says Sabah Umno

Sabah Umno spokesman Raime Unggi says the coming together of PAS and Umno should not be seen as religious alliance.

Anwar ‘samurai terakhir’, sebagai PM boleh satukan negara, kata Pandikar

Bekas speaker Dewan Rakyat berkata Malaysia dalam bahaya kerana seruan pemisahan di Borneo dan politik ekstrem di Semenanjung.

Anwar as PM can unite the country, says Pandikar

Former speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia says Malaysia is in danger because of secessionists in Borneo and the threat of extreme politics in the peninsula.

Anti-hopping law will uphold what is morally right, says Shad

Politicians have the right to hop, says law expert, but they must resign to allow a fresh election.

Race and religion issues holding back progress, says ex-Sabah CM

Bernard Dompok says the two issues are preventing the country from reaching its full potential.