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Vinodh Pillai


Peguam: Kenyataan PM ‘tolak’ video seks sejenis tidak ganggu siasatan polis

Mahathir memberitahu pemberita bahawa beliau percaya klip video seks tular yang dikaitan dengan seorang menteri Kabinet itu palsu.

PM’s ‘dismissal’ of gay sex clips won’t affect police probe, says...

SN Nair says Dr Mahathir Mohamad had a duty as leader of the government to give his immediate views on the matter.

Hotel dinamakan Haziq kunci mulut

Hotel berkata ia sedang bekerjasama dengan pihak berkuasa dan tidak akan mendedahkan butiran tetamunya.

Hotel named in sex video stays mum

Sandakan hotel says it is cooperating with the authorities and will not divulge details out of respect for privacy of guests.

RM60 mil for environment protection good but give us details, say...

Environmentalists want to know how the additional federal allocation will be used and whether states will stop relying on logging for income.

Apad: Bas khas wanita masih dalam tempoh percubaan

Empat bas khas untuk wanita disediakan pada waktu puncak di laluan Seremban-Kuala Lumpur.

Forget it, analyst tells Reformasi supporters asking Dr M for handover...

The last thing the prime minister will do now, with the gay sex accusations hurled at Azmin Ali, is announce a date to step down for Anwar Ibrahim, says Azmi Hassan.

Women-only buses still on trial, says federal transport agency

The Land Public Transport Agency says the service is only available on the Seremban-KL route.

Lokman Adam, Gobalakrishnan ditahan kerana halang tugas penjawat awam, kata polis

Menurut polis, Lokman dan Gobalakrishnan ditahan kerana menghalang tugas penjawat awam dan mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat.

Umno’s Lokman, ex-PKR MP arrested for obstruction, cops say

Selangor CID chief says they refused to cooperate when told to hand over a mobile phone.

Lokman Adam ditahan selepas beri keterangan klip video seks gay

Pegawai khas Lokman mengesahkan pemimpin Umno itu ditahan di rumahnya di Kajang, kira-kira 7.30 malam tadi.

Umno’s Lokman Adam arrested after statement on gay sex clips

Umno Supreme Council member’s aide says the arrest took place hours after he gave his statement over sex scandal videos.

Why did he give up political ambitions, wonders Haziq’s ex-colleague

She says the political aide, who confessed to sex with 'minister', had wanted to be a politician himself.

Good start but long way to go, experts say ahead of...

Think tank says it is hard to change eating habits with just a tax on sweetened drinks while an entrepreneur says manufacturers need to start giving health priority.

Enggan hantar pulang Zakir Naik tindakan betul, kata peguam

Zakir Naik seorang pemastautin tetap dan oleh itu berhak dilindungi, peguam beritahu pengkritik.

Dr M right in refusing to hand over Naik to India,...

As a permanent resident, Zakir Naik deserves protection, lawyer tells critics of Putrajaya's decision to refuse any extradition request from India.

Mengarut, Siti Kasim bidas keengganan Dr M serah Zakir Naik

Peguam itu berkata perdana menteri mempertahankan penceramah kontroversi itu seperti dia mempertahankan Lynas.

Nonsense, says Siti Kasim on Dr M’s refusal to hand over...

The vocal lawyer says the prime minister's defence of the Indian preacher is similar to his defence of Lynas Corp as both are 'toxic wastes'.

Jangan cakap kosong, bentang cadangan perkasa SPRM dulu, kata pembangkang

Ismail Sabri Yaakob berkata, pembangkang tiada masalah menyokong pemerkasaan SPRM, tetapi mahu Lim Kit Siang memberi butiran cadangan terhadap pindaan Perlembagaan.

We’ll support more teeth for MACC but show us the bill...

DAP veteran told to come up with proposed constitutional amendments if he is is serious about upgrading the status of MACC.

Screen time and autism: the pros and cons

A lecturer's warning against online addiction prompts two who work with autistic children to speak of the benefits of playing with computers and such devices.

Husband of ex-lawyer in Adib inquest quits Zuraida’s team

This comes two weeks after Syazlin Mansor was instructed by AG Tommy Thomas to withdraw as the lawyer representing the housing and local government ministry.

Come clean on Awas cameras, transport expert tells JPJ

Goh Bok Yen says the department should be more open on how it is operating the cameras to nab speeding motorists.

Poverty, not recognition, is why students join gangs, say experts

They say poor students think their involvement in gangs will lead them to a lavish lifestyle later on.