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Kumpulan Sarawak mahu akta referendum dalam usaha tuntut hak

Petisyen itu menuntut Akta Referendum bagi memelihara hak istimewa dan pengiktirafan yang diberikan kepada Sarawak di bawah Perjanjian Malaysia 1963.

S4S submits Petition to Adenan on Referendum Act

The Petition calls for a Referendum Act with the purpose of safeguarding the special rights and recognition negotiated for Sarawak under the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

NGOs want total revamp of NRD S’wak in line with MA63

Greater autonomy at NRD Sarawak under the new Director, a local, was expected to result in the adoption of policies which reflect the “on the ground” situation in the state.

Baru: Timeframe needed on BN promises in Sarawak

If the Barisan Nasional (BN) fails to deliver, the people of Sarawak will never trust the ruling coalition again.

PKR rep to move motion on Russians eyeing Petronas assets

Assemblyman says the Federal Government has no basis to maintain ownership beyond April 2012 and negotiation of any Petroleum Sharing Contract (PSC) should rightly be done with the Sarawak Government.

Jaban: S’wak deserves ‘better’ democracy

The state election result had been skewed long before polling day by extensive gerrymandering given the ruling coalition's two-thirds majority in the Sarawak Assembly and endorsed by a simple majority in Parliament.

Adenan should come up with criteria for entry ban

Save Rivers urges the Sarawak Government to review its immigration policy as there is no respect for the real and original objective of control when it was first drafted.

CENBET: Probe allegations of ‘vote buying’ in S’wak

These allegations, if true, contravene the Election Offences Act 1954, as Section 10 of the Act clearly stipulates that attempts to bribe voters, using cash or offers of cash, was illegal.

Aussie Senate begins inquiry into Taib family assets

Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem and the Malaysian authorities urged to support the tracing and recovery of assets allegedly stolen by the Taib family.

Mahathir: Adenan’s victory ‘weakens’ Najib’s gov’t

The former Prime Minister calls for balance in terms of power between the centre and the state to ensure interdependence between the two.

Jeffrey: Local Opposition parties in S’wak irrelevant

Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem has adopted their positions on autonomy and state rights.

Adenan: Najib agrees MA63 should be discussed

Adenan Satem, set to be Chief Minister designate on May 7, will lead the Sarawak Government team to discuss the Malaysia Agreement 1963 with Putrajaya and the second phase on the devolution of administrative powers.

Opposition wants Najib’s stand on key S’wak issues

PKR Sarawak has called on the prime minister to publicly state, on behalf of the Sarawak Government, his coalition’s position on the UEC qualification, the English language and oil and gas related issues.

Guan Eng dares Adenan on GST claims

The people should punish Barisan Nasional (BN) and Adenan Satem for allowing GST to be implemented.

Ong: Report bribes, not ‘advise’ voters

It’s a well-known and well reported Barisan Nasional (BN) practice for bags of cash to be distributed to many longhouses the day before polling day in order to buy votes.

Kit Siang: 20+ Opposition seats possible

The DAP veteran does not see the Opposition being able to win 28 seats, the “magic figure” to deny Adenan Satem two-thirds majority in the Sarawak Assembly.

Kit Siang wants to brief Cabinet on 1MDB scandal

The DAP veteran has gathered the views of the public in 121 constituencies on the RM50 billion 1MDB and RM4.2 billion “donation” mega global scandals since his suspension from Parliament as Gelang Patah MP.

Kit Siang: Adenan’s treatment of Nurul shameful, disgraceful

Adenan is so confident of winning at least 70 of the state seats on May 7 but blemishes and blot his image as a democrat and reformer.

Kok: Adenan violating MA63 on Immigration

The Sarawak Government has no power to bar legitimate political activities taking place in the state.

Kit Siang: Bawang Assan clue to fate of BN in 2021

If Penang and Selangor can continue to be governed by Pakatan Harapan state governments, there’s no reason why the informal national alliance cannot seize the reins of power in Sarawak come 2021, says Kit Siang.

Kit Siang: Adenan has strategy to slash DAP numbers

The issue to be decided was whether there’s going to be a strong, effective and principled Opposition in the Sarawak Assembly.

S’wak results will be used as barometer of PM’s popularity

The people of Sarawak should decide whether they want their vote on May 7 to be used by Najib as endorsing his premiership and expressing confidence in his leadership.

Zairil: Adenan ‘wrong’ on Penang’s free bus services

The Sarawak Chief Minister was perhaps not aware that the Penang Government did indeed consider starting its own bus company, but was thwarted by licensing issues.

Teachers lodge police reports on BN man in Simanggang

The teachers stressed that the police reports were lodged for the sake of clarification and for their own protection following a letter advising the Education Department to transfer them before the May 7 state election.