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Zam Yusa


For Sabah, it’s beef up on security or lose out on...

Relocating more battalions is complex and expensive but will have beneficial spin-offs for the whole region.

Dismantling Saudi peace centre fine, but Mat Sabu must keep good...

Analysts agree that the King Salman Centre for International Peace promoted by the Najib government is not a good partnership for Malaysia in its fight against terrorism.

More Umno members, leaders will support Warisan, says Sabah rep

Umno’s Kemabong assemblyman Jamawi Jaafar says he is not joining PH or its components, only supporting Warisan in Sabah.

Lawyers split over Sabah CM

They also differ over whether a landmark Federal Court decision in a Perak case is a good precedent for any potential court case in Sabah.

Adun BN Sabah mungkin tinggalkan Umno, sertai parti tempatan

Adun Kadamaian, Ewon Benedick berkata, rundingan sedang diadakan sama ada menubuhkan parti tempatan baru atau semua disatukan di bawah PBS.

Sabah BN assemblymen may go local, ditch Umno

Kadamaian assemblyman Ewon Benedick says discussions have been held about either forming a new local party or uniting everyone under PBS.

4 Filipino kidnap group members shot dead near Lahad Datu

They were killed by cops while heading towards a group of fishing boats.

Opposition supporters in Sabah will turn to BN, says confident Umno...

We don’t underestimate the opposition but their supporters are our friends and we believe most of them will eventually support BN, says Kemabong candidate Jamawi Jaafar.

Salleh yakin pengundi Kota Belud terus setia pada BN

Calon BN di Parlimen Kota Belud itu berjanji akan meneruskan usaha baik yang dilaksanakan penyandang, Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

Salleh confident Kota Belud voters will stay with BN

He pledges to continue the good work done by incumbent Abdul Rahman Dahlan in Kota Belud.

Veteran rep Nasir Sakaran banking on teamwork to beat Warisan

The six-term assemblyman shrugs off the expected strong opposition in Semporna, saying it is normal in politics.

Hak MA63 teratas dalam manifesto BN Sabah

Pengerusi BN Sabah Musa Aman memberitahu 15,000 yang hadir bahawa kerajaan negeri akan pastikan Putrajaya penuhi janji memulihkan hak negeri.

MA63 rights gets top billing in Sabah BN manifesto

Sabah BN chairman Musa Aman tells crowd of almost 15,000 that state government will make sure federal government fulfils its promises on these rights.

Tawau Umno protests against ‘outsider’ candidate for Balung

It wants a candidate chosen from within the Tawau parliamentary constituency.

Adik arwah menteri Sabah mungkin bertanding di Apas

Nizam Abu Bakar Titingan yakin pengundi di Apas meletakkan kepercayaan kepada BN untuk membawa negara ke arah lebih gemilang.

Late Sabah minister’s brother may stand in Apas

Nizam Abu Bakar Titingan is confident voters in Apas still believe in BN to take the country to greater heights.

13 DUN baru: Parti pembangkang akan rayu keputusan mahkamah

Presiden PCS Wilfred Bumburing berkata hakim yang membuang tindakan undang-undang itu membenarkan parti-parti merayu keputusan mahkamah selepas PRU14.

Search for missing man to continue, body of drowned boy recovered

Both had gone swimming at the river mouth in Papar.

Sabah’s 13 new seats: Opposition parties to appeal dismissal of suits

PCS president Wilfred Bumburing says the judge who dismissed the legal action has allowed the parties to appeal decision, even after GE14.

Esscom nabs 2 foreigners carrying live bullets

One of them works as a security guard and owns a homemade shotgun.

Warisan’s Wong hints he may contest in Tanjung Kapor

Warisan vice-president Junz Wong will not confirm or deny that he will contest in the Tanjung Kapor state seat, but says the DAP will contest the Likas seat which he held in the previous state assembly.

Polling day: Bring it on, says Sabah BN

Sabah BN says only those who are unprepared for the election are opposing the May 9 polling date.

Suits over Sabah’s 13 new seats: April 20 fixed for joint...

A ruling is expected three days later.

Gabungan Sabah candidates all set for polls

The four-party coalition is among three opposition pacts in Sabah trying to dislodge Barisan Nasional.