Ivanka Trump Made $3.9 Million From Father’s Hotel in 2017

Ivanka Trump during the grand opening ceremony of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. in 2016. (Bloomberg pic)

WASHINGTON: Ivanka Trump made USD$3.9 million(RM15.5 million) from her investment in her father’s hotel in Washington last year, according to a disclosure released by the White House on Tuesday.

She was also paid USD$2 million(RM7.9 million) in severance by her family’s real estate company, the Trump Organization. Together, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner earned at least USD$82 million(RM327million) in outside income while working as unpaid senior advisers to her father, President Donald Trump.

Kushner reported at least USD$27 million(RM108 million) and as much as USD$135 million(RM539 million) in outstanding liabilities. Federal rules require top officials to report income, assets and liabilities in broad ranges. He reported more than USD$5 million(RM19.9 million) in capital gains from the sale of a shopping mall in the Bronx.

The Trumps and Kushner retained their ownership in their private businesses upon entering the White House, a decision that critics say has left them open to conflicts of interest and influence by foreign countries.