Malaysian e-wallet users on the rise, says e-commerce marketplace

KUALA LUMPUR: A survey has found that the number of e-wallet users in Malaysia increased to 52.9% in October, compared with the 24.3% recorded in February.

E-commerce marketplace Carousell said the survey also recorded a three-fold increase in the number of respondents from 202 in February to 731 in October, which pointed to a sharp increase in interest towards e-wallet usage in the country.

In a statement today, Carousell Malaysia Country Head Tang Siew Wai said the survey had discovered a segment of users kept more than RM250 in their e-wallets, which indicated a sizeable segment of frequent e-wallet users.

“More than 50% of Carousellers are e-wallet users,” he said.

Data from the survey showed that the top five e-wallets used by Carousell users are GrabPay, Touch n’ Go eWallet, Boost, Maybank QRPay and WeChat Pay.