Facebook is daily news source for 21% of adults in Philippines

Facebook is a popular news source amongst Filipinos.

MANILA: At least a fifth of adults in the Philippines, or about 13.9 million people, use Facebook daily for news, according to a poll conducted by Social Weather Stations.

As many as 40.4 million individuals, or 60%, still get their news through television, about 15% through radio and only 2% read newspapers daily, according to the results of the SWS poll of 1,440 adults conducted in late March.

“Facebook as a daily news source is more common than radio and newspapers combined, and is second only to television,” SWS said in a statement.

Half of adult Facebook users who are college and high school graduates read news daily using the social media site, compared with 37% among elementary school graduates and 36% among non-elementary graduates.

About 99% of adult Internet users in the Philippines have Facebook accounts.

YouTube is the second most popular social media site among adult Filipino Internet users, with 38% owning an account.

Instagram is used by 15% of them, Twitter by 8% and Viber by 7%.

About 31% of the estimated 30.4 million Filipino adults who have at least one social media account support or promote posts on political or social issues that others share.

Only 6% use it to post their own thoughts, the survey showed.