Rupert Murdoch’s Fox to stream news in 20 countries by year-end

WASHINGTON: Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corp said Tuesday it was launching a standalone streaming service for its news and business channels that would be available in 20 countries by year’s end.

Fox, which is a streamlined company formed after it sold much of its film and TV entertainment operations to Disney, said the new subscription service would include on-demand content from Fox News and Fox Business Network.

The Fox News International service priced at US$6.99 per month will debut in Mexico on Aug 20 followed by Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom on Sept 17.

It will be in 20 countries by the end of the year, according to the company’s Fox News Media unit.

The streaming service will offer content from Fox News, which has been the most-watched cable news channel in recent years and a favourite of President Donald Trump, online without the need for a cable or satellite subscription.

The service will be available on several platforms include iPhone, Android, Apple TV and Android TV, with Amazon Fire TV and Roku expected later.

The move comes amid a polarisation of news audiences in the US in recent years, with many conservatives turning to Fox and others to rivals CNN and MSNBC.

Murdoch, the 89-year-old media mogul, remains chairman of Fox Corp with his son Lachlan serving as chief executive.

The family also separately controls News Corp which includes the Wall Street Journal and media outlets in Britain and Australia.

Fox is the latest in a line of media companies to turn to streaming to reach a wider, global audience and viewers without pay TV packages.

A similar service is available to US audiences known as Fox Nation.

The Murdochs concluded a deal last year selling its 21st Century Fox studios and cable channels to Disney while maintaining the Fox broadcast network and news channels.