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Will Covid-19 topple China’s one-party regime?

One shudders to think what might happen if the anti-CPC sentiments go on for a few months.

How the world betrayed Palestine after Trump’s deal

With the West and the Arab world largely welcoming Trump's deal, Palestinians face a stark choice: submit or struggle.

Trump’s Middle East mirage

The Trump administration is so blatantly in Israel’s camp that it has effectively forfeited America’s traditional role as honest broker.

How ‘Controlocracy’ lost control in China

A tight control on information has deprived Chinese of their right to know what is happening in their communities, and within their own bodies.

How China silences governments in its global war against human rights

China uses its immense economic power and international clout to undermine human rights protections at the global level.

The coronavirus, a disease of Chinese autocracy

Chinese censors had worked diligently to remove public references to the outbreak, reflecting the communist party's SOP: secrecy and suppression.

Will coronavirus slow down China’s growth?

In the age of the internet, reduction in conventional sales owing to the virus will likely be offset by an increase in online purchases.

Hostages of history in US-Iran flare-up

As long as both the US and Iran remain prisoners of their respective histories, regional stability will be at risk.

Why Modi’s thugs attacked my university

BJP’s campaign against higher education comes straight out of the authoritarian playbook used by many governments.

Suleimani’s assassination and US strategic incoherence

The US could well find itself with no alternative but to devote more military resources to the Middle East

Tourists mean hope for Palestine

Religious landmarks in occupied Palestine attract increasing numbers of religious tourists from all over the world each year.

China’s civilisational challenge

If China continues to suppress intra-governmental conflict, the collapse of the 'one country, two systems' model will be only a matter of time.

A post-American Middle East under Trump

Responding militarily to Iranian actions could lead to just the sort of conflict Trump does not want in the run-up to the 2020 US presidential election.

The Arab world needs a Brexit debate

Ongoing street protests, strikes, and violence in several Arab countries suggest that a moment of reckoning may have arrived.

Impeachment and the wider world

Donald Trump’s America has already proven to be a source of global disruption.

Making the best of our Google existence

The widespread use of smartphones upsets traditional power structures in which governments and commercial actors collect large troves of data to advance their own goals.

Mind the learning gap

Efforts to achieve universal education will fail if schooling does not translate into basic numeracy and literacy skills.

The growing threat of water wars

Hundreds of international water agreements are coming under pressure.

The case for international civil servants

Organisations and civil servants that serve the world as a whole are an indispensable source of support for collective action.

How China loses friends and alienates people

The more friends China turns into enemies, the easier it will be for Washington to assemble a broad coalition to contain its ambitions.

China’s corrupt meritocracy

It is communist yet capitalist, it practises meritocracy yet it is also corrupt. We need to grasp these contradictions to understand China.

The US and Iran are playing a dangerous game

When the US and Iran have played all their cards in the current game, a more dangerous one is likely to begin.

As China marks birthday, world worries about its ambitions

China faces the daunting task of keeping other countries calm as it sails on.

The coming crisis of China’s one-party regime

With its superior capabilities and efficiency, and despite Trump’s destructive leadership, the US is far more likely to prevail in the Sino-American cold war than China.