Lexus adapts to post-quarantine as car dealerships reopen

Automaker Lexus has already been communicating on the health procedures it plans to adopt to protect its customers and employees.

Autopilot update allows Tesla cars to stop at traffic lights

Besides handling highway driving, new update gives vehicles equipped with this intelligent technology the ability to manage intersections now.

Porsche’s new smart radio supports Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay

Porsche's classic and vintage car owners can now soup up their vehicles.

Malaysian car dealers request for government assistance

With new car sales expected to see a 70 to 80% fall, the number of Malaysians financially affected will be very high.

Visit the Porsche Museum without leaving home

In the purpose-built exhibition space of around 5,600 sq m, visitors can see 80 iconic models that highlight the history of the brand.

Looks like Fiat will never return to Malaysia

The Fiat brand has departed from Malaysia after recording poor sales in the face of more attractive rival brands.

Understand your electrical vehicle’s needs before buying one

The idea of clean emissions is great and it has to start now. But is Malaysia ready for it?

Legendary Mercedes 190 E Evo celebrates 30th anniversary

Produced in a little over 500 copies, under the hood it was equipped with the brand's top-of-the line 4-cylinder 235 hp engine.

After 5 years, how much would a BMW 320d go for?

Pay a little more to enjoy the peace of mind that you can drive it into a dealership and get as many worn parts replaced before the warranty ends.

Renault-Nissan halts Barcelona production amid virus

The stoppage, due to disruptions in supply, may last at least until Monday.

Volvo recalls 736,000 cars over auto-brake issues

Automaker is quick to reassure that the regular brake system in these cars is not affected, meaning that the cars are safe to use.

BMW’s first plug-in hybrid car, the i8, officially retires

The car goes down in company's history as helping the brand join the plug-in hybrid market and its commitment to the electrification revolution.

Hyundai releases teaser of its next-gen Elantra

Seventh generation Elantra will premiere in Hollywood next week.

Ford and gamers to co-create ‘ultimate virtual racing car’

Ford is working with the gaming community to create a brand-new virtual car that will eventually be used by the Fordzilla esports team.

Driverless delivery vans in demand amidst Covid-19 scare

Startup Neolix manufactures autonomous delivery vehicles and, over the past two months, has booked orders for over 200 vehicles.

Porsche Taycan can now be digitally viewed before ordering

Porsche launches virtual reality experience designed to bring potential Taycan customers up close and personal with the brand's first EV.

AI-tech to detect if a driver falls asleep being developed

Technology can analyse a person's eyes and determine if they are distracted or are falling asleep.

Why has the compact MPV disappeared?

The MPV will make a comeback and Malaysians will once again embrace its family friendly benefits.

The Lyriq SUV: Cadillac’s first ever luxury EV out this April

GM says the Lyriq will be built upon the third generation of its EV platform and use its Ultium batteries.

First images of Genesis chic new G80 sedan are out

Called the GV80, this model retains some characteristics of the line, but looks more like a sedan version of the SUV.

FCA debuts new Fiat 500 with fully electric powertrain

This is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles's first retail model with a fully electric powertrain.

GM unveils long-range battery to power its electric cars

GM's Ultium batteries has a range of up to 645 km between charges, designed for fast charging and adaptable for a variety of vehicles.

Ford’s best-selling cargo van goes electric

Zero-emissions cargo van to be outfitted with smart technologies to help businesses be better connected with their drivers and track their journeys.

Bentley reveals spectacular Mulliner Bacalar 2-seater

Only 12 Bentley Mulliner Bacalars, which takes its name from a Mexican resort town, will be built.