What’s going on in the culinary world: reviews, recommendations and recipes.

Chef raps, dances, sautés in Chinese fried rice tutorial

Why Chinese fried rice? Chef José Andrés says it's a beautiful gesture of solidarity for the people of China.

Latest trend in quarantine stress baking? Toilet paper cake

White fondant replicates quilted paper, the inner cardboard tubing brings the cakes to life, and poo emojis are sometimes added.

Banana crumb muffins are melt-in-your mouth delicious

If you're taking a short break from work, whip-up these super moist banana crumb muffins to enjoy at tea-time.

French chefs cook up no-fuss dishes at home during quarantine

Current gastronomic media star Chef Cyril Lignac says he wants to help prove how easy, good and well-priced it can be to cook at home.

Thai tourist pub gives free meals to jobless in Covid-19 times

Surajai Attanart, owner of the Differ Night Pub, and his workers feed up to 1,000 residents, now unemployed because of the pandemic.

Stuck at home bored? Whip-up a cup of Dalgona coffee

All you need are three simple ingredients to make a delicious frothy cup of coffee that will shoo your quarantine blues away.

Flat focaccia bread that’s easy to make at home

Flat oven-baked Italian focaccia can be enjoyed as a side to many dishes or used to make a delicious sandwich.

Jackfruit dumplings? Asia gets creative on alternative meat

Demand for plant-based meat alternatives has risen by about 30% annually in markets such as South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Rich, buttery pound cake is the perfect tea-time treat

If there's ever been a time for a home-baked cake, it's now.

Have food preservatives been unjustifiably vilified?

While food preservatives have changed the landscape of food consumption and wastage, whether they are unhealthy or not is up for debate.

With business wiped out, chef offers fine-dining takeaways

Chef Campbell Mickel is now offering 'Social Distance Delivery' in a desperate attempt to cope with the Covid-19 crisis.

Chef turns restaurants into community kitchens during Covid-19 crisis

Chef José Andrés calls on those who can, to try to be part of the solution and help their communities during these times.

Chef hosts ‘Kitchen Quarantine’ for those affected by Covid-19

Master chef Massimo Bottura has turned his kitchen into a live cooking studio for a show he calls 'Kitchen Quarantine' on Instagram.

Chocolatey, moist and sweet Marble Cake

Perfect to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea, Marble Cake is chocolatey, sweet and decadent.

‘What a Waste’ rescues untouched food to feed the needy

The food warriors of WaW show up at birthdays, weddings or office functions, pack up the excess food and deliver it to needy communities.

UK McDonald’s ‘Happy Meal’ toys to be plastic-free

The plastic will be replaced with a 'soft toy, sustainable paper-based gifts or books', says the US fast-food giant.

Covid-19 kills appetite for Chinese and Italian food

Chef’s Pencil publishes report on the effects of the virus pandemic on Chinese and Italian restaurants and foods based on Google Trends.

Auntie Sim’s Kitchen: Authentic, affordable Hong Kong-style fare

Established in memory of the Sim family matriarch, this eatery serves both affordable and luxurious food from Cantonese and Teochew cuisines.

An Italian wants to teach French how to make bread great...

Adriano Farano says French bread has been robbed of its taste and goodness by intensive agriculture and France's big millers.

Kim’s Kitchen keeps making cooking rewarding and fun

Formerly a busy restaurateur, Anna Wee Kim Choo now uses her culinary skills to teach cooking classes at home.

Bake with Dignity: Empowering adults with special needs

A humble bakery in Sunway is providing opportunities for adults with special needs to make a living, one salted caramel fudge brownie at a time.

An aphrodisiac? 450-mil-year-old crab now going extinct

The highly coveted roe of the Horseshoe Crab is considered an aphrodisiac but over-harvesting is making its numbers dwindle drastically.

Zaleha of ‘crispy rendang’ fame sells her own rendang paste now

Malaysian participant of Masterchef UK now sells her own homemade pastes in the UK and Ireland.

Paris’ Ladurée launches vegan macarons and pastries

A mix of millet, almond and hazelnut milks replaced cream and butter to create a vegan-friendly ganache for the chocolate macaron.