Long tail of coronavirus can prolong suffering for months

Recovered patients may need ongoing care for organ damage.

Study finds new 5G networks do not endanger health

New US study finds that fifth-generation wireless technology, more commonly known as 5G, appears to pose few health risks.

Optimists tend to sleep better than pessimists

Optimistic participants in a new study were 70% less likely to suffer from sleep disorders and/or insomnia than pessimistic ones.

Covid-19 sees more kidney patients opting for home-based dialysis

This should be good news to the health ministry, which has long tried to encourage the option.

10 ways to stay productive and motivated when depressed

The best tips are to never let your work-life deteriorate, and to try your best not to feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities.

‘Strong evidence’ mothers can transmit Covid-19 to newborns

Researchers studied 31 pregnant women, and found the virus in placenta and in breast milk.

A fibre-rich diet could cut risk of type 2 diabetes by...

New study finds that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables appears to lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Lack of sleep could make children less positive

New US research findings show how getting a bad night's sleep could negatively affect children's everyday social and emotional lives.

Link between mineral manganese and lower risk of preeclampsia

Research finds women with lower levels of essential mineral manganese during early pregnancy may have higher risk of developing preeclampsia.

Audiobooks can boost your child’s reading and writing skills

Study conducted with 58,346 children and teenagers shows that 52.9% said listening to audiobooks has increased their interest in reading.

The link between poor air quality and mental health

Studies have shown that just as poor air quality can be linked to poor physical health, it can also affect mental health.

US awards US$1.6 bil to Novavax for Covid-19 vaccine

The amount is higher than the US$1.2 bil given to the vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca.

HIV patient ‘first in remission’ without bone marrow transplant

The treatment is seen as a better option for gravely ill HIV sufferers than the high-risk transplant.

Taking short walks by water could boost well-being

New research finds that being near areas of water could help boost your mood and well-being.

Treat those who refuse to wear masks like drink drivers, says...

In late April – as Covid-19 raged throughout Europe – mask-wearing uptake in Britain was only around 25%.

Chinese biotech firm first to start late stage trials for virus...

Sinovac will start trials in Brazil, partnering up with a local vaccine producer.

Eating more probiotic foods could help ease depression

New research finds eating a diet with probiotic foods, or a combination of probiotic and prebiotic foods, may help ease depression and anxiety.

Teens who sleep late may have higher risk of asthma, allergies

New study looks at 1,684 teenagers aged 13 and 14.

Coronavirus is airborne, say hundreds of scientists

The scientists from 32 countries are calling for the WHO to revise its recommendations.

When coronavirus robs you of your sense of smell

Anosmia — the loss of one's sense of smell — may be an invisible handicap, but is psychologically difficult to live with and has no real treatment.

Music you pick could depend on your attraction to an artist’s...

Study finds that while many think they like a singer's music, it could also be because they're attracted to their personality.

Menopausal hot flashes, night sweats linked to higher risk of heart...

Study shows women who experience postmenopausal symptoms are 70% more likely to have a heart attack, angina and stroke.

Study finds men often regarded as more ‘brilliant’ than women

Tests were designed to measure implicit stereotypes between certain traits like brilliance, and certain groups like men.

Rotary Club music video reminds Malaysians to ‘Stop the Spread’

With restrictions on movement greatly relaxed, the Rotary Club has produced a video reminding everyone to continue guarding against Covid-19.