4 free yoga videos to help calm you during quarantine

All you need is a mat, maybe a pillow and a desire to calm your stress away.

How long can the Covid-19 virus last on these surfaces?

While the virus can linger on some surfaces for days, they die in a matter of hours on others.

3 reasons why your child could be considered short

A child’s height, or rather, lack of it, can be caused by several factors including genes and nutritional deficiencies.

Mental issues sparked by Covid-19 fears could be ‘silent killer’

Red Cross says sufficient attention should be given to the psychosocial and mental health needs of people affected by lockdowns.

Couple to run balcony marathon in Dubai during virus lockdown

Collin Allin and wife Hilda aim to cover the 42.2-kilometre distance on their 19-metre (yard) long balcony from 6.00 am on Saturday.

Uncertainty, fear as many face childbirth during Covid-19 crisis

New rules decide whether a woman can be accompanied during childbirth, or if she must be separated from her baby if she's sick.

Covid-19 transmission during pregnancy rare but possible

Chinese experts say transmission might occur across the placenta, or during the process of childbirth.

Quarantined docs see patients via video apps now

Among these are Qare, a telemedicine app backed by French insurer Axa SA allows doctors to meet with patients via video.

11 pandemics that have dealt a blow to humankind

From Black Death to smallpox to HIV-AIDS and many more besides the current Covid-19, humankind has proven resilient and always bounced back.

Coronavirus forcing parents to skip kids’ vaccinations says Unicef

Flight cancellations and trade restrictions by countries have severely constrained access to vaccines.

Second waves of Covid-19 likely if lockdowns eased early, says study

Governments around the world are trying to replicate China's draconian lockdown measures.

Study finds taking aspirin cannot prevent dementia

Daily low-dose aspirin provides no benefit at either preventing dementia or slowing cognitive decline.

Misinformation about Covid-19 cures is killing more lives

From consuming volcanic ash and fighting infection with UV lamps or chlorine disinfectants, rumours and false claims are fuelling confusion.

Experts advise washing hands after playing with your pet

Despite no evidence yet that domestic animals can transmit the virus to humans or get sick from it, there could be a potential risk.

Sticking to same daily bedtime could be good for the heart

Findings also show that the later you go to bed, the higher the likelihood for an increase in your resting heart rate.

New study shows effectiveness of acupuncture for migraines

Findings show the participants who received manual acupuncture had a greater reduction in migraine days.

Taking a hot bath daily could help prevent heart disease

Findings show who prefer a warm temperature have a 26% lower risk of overall heart disease, while those who prefer hot water have a 35% lower risk.

4 parenting styles – which is yours?

These parenting styles can leave long-term effects on your children’s personality, for better or for worse.

Social distancing: How to do it right

During the Covid-19 crisis, practise social distancing the right way to help prevent the spread of this potentially fatal disease.

Early onset of puberty linked to type 2 diabetes in men

Research at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden was based on the health records of 30,697 men.

China’s symptom-free Covid-19 carriers mean epidemic is not over

There are concerns ending the lockdown will release thousands of infectious people into circulation.

Frontliners battling Covid-19 get freshly-prepared meals

Persatuan Care Selangor is fronting the initiative in collaboration with Ramada Suites, Hugo’s KL, and new courier service iSend.

John Snow: The scientist who linked germs to diseases

Before people learnt that germs were the cause of disease, it was believed that diseases were caused by ‘bad air’.

Covid-19: 5 trending questions in the US on Google Search

In answer to a popular question, in Covid-19, ‘CO' stands for ‘corona,' ‘VI' for ‘virus,' and ‘D' for disease."