Financial advice and trends.

No disability can diminish this duo’s hunger for success

Farid Zainuddin and Idzham Azahar are both deaf and mute but are proving to be capable entrepreneurs who run their own burger stall in Bangi.

Looking at dividend stocks in a downturn

A stock market crash is not necessarily all bad news for investors.

4 ways a remote work strategy can benefit your company

Working from home can be as rewarding for companies as it is for the employees who are doing it.

The changing face of e-commerce

In addition to the effect of China’s lockdown on global supply chains, the Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly changed online purchasing habits.

8 big lies people believe about money

Ignoring financial realities and telling oneself little white lies to feel better can have consequences for the future.

5 key indicators that a financial review is in order

As life circumstances change and goals are achieved, it is important to keep the financial plan up to date.

11 side gigs to help boost your income

Making some extra income does not mean having to take on a whole second job, here are some other possibilities.

Artist crafts ‘food’ earrings so lifelike, you’ll want to eat it

Wee Lim's realistic renditions of kaya pau, nasi lemak, M&M and roast pork make delightful costume jewellery that is truly eye-catching.

Video interviewing helps but is no solution for recruitment

Video is valuable when used in moderation as part of a broader assessment.

Using freelancers to scale a business and stay competitive

A small investment in a free agent on a project-by project-basis can help companies improve and modernise their business.

Finding the best way to register a business in Malaysia

After the big decision to set up a company comes the nitty gritty of how to go about it.

Mastering the freelance work algorithm for client matching

Data matching is expanding out of the realm of social media and entertainment and becoming an important aspect of successful freelancing

3 tricks to get into gear when motivation is low

Sometimes a little push is needed to get in the mood for work. Here are three handy tricks to get you back on track.

Time to value the 3 things money can’t buy

Some say that everything has a price, but what about love, happiness, trust?

Local designer brings new and quirky twist to fashion scene

Forget Gucci and Louis Vuitton, Hup Seng and Gardenia bags are what’s trending now.

5 points to ponder when ‘wants’ slowly become ‘needs’

As income rises, lifestyles expand and little luxuries become necessities. A good financial plan is key to avoiding lifestyle creep.

Hey Presto! World famous Malaysian magician pulls durian business out of...

Like many, when the pandemic slammed theatre doors shut, this renowned illusionist had to magic up a new source of income.

Face masks: Indonesians, Malaysians seek style in safety

Bespoke masks are catching on in Indonesia, with customers ordering designs with their own faces printed on reusable neoprene material.

4 ways to build a nest egg and have fun doing...

Building up a nest egg can seem like a high mountain to climb, but a few tricks can make saving fun.

Combatting 10 types of bias in the hiring process

Part 1 of this two-part article discusses how unconscious bias in the recruitment process can cause companies to miss out on good hires.

Here’s why it’s true that money does grow on trees

The saying goes, ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ but this may not be entirely true after all.

7 ways to craft proposals that win jobs

In the first part of this article, the many myths about clients were debunked. Today, writing propositions that seal the seal is discussed.

Cut car prices to reduce bankruptcies, says financial planner

More than 18,000 people went bankrupt between 2015 and 2019 because of their car loans.

Job hunting? Here are 10 red flags in job descriptions

A job may not be all an employer makes it out to be, so be on the lookout for red flags.