Spotify designs playlists for your pooch

Spotify's newest playlist creation tool is designed for your pet - cat, dog, bird - and its unique personality.

Moezza, the little beauty who went too soon

A stunning Maine Coon-mix, Moezza was also intelligent and loving.

Meet thrill-seeker Apple, the tissue paper thief

A 10-year-old Toy Poodle, Apple also answers to the name Mouse and is a smart and feisty little girl.

Bella: The cat who makes ‘artwork’ with tissue paper

Bella likes shredding tissue paper to smithereens, then falling asleep alongside her handiwork.

Nuttie: The Poodle who learned to love and trust again

An abused, terrified little Poodle finds a forever loving home and blossoms into a beautiful, confident dog with Lizz Ooi.

Quirky Bibibok likes drinking water using her paw

This adorable four-year-old also likes hunting down cockroaches and presenting her trophies to her visibly terrified human mom.

Four-legged ‘good boys’ you definitely don’t want to mess with

The nation’s hairy heroes with a nose for solving crimes and tracking down bad guys.

Meet Coco, the dog who loves kisses and belly rubs

Besides public displays of affection, Coco loves to eat and spend her time barking at the stray cats and dogs roaming outside her home.

Suzy: Cute as a button but fierce as a lion

Don't let her innocent looks fool you - 12-year-old Suzy is quite fierce and will snap if you're a stranger and try patting her head.

Pompous Maine Coon Zeta rules the roost

Picked from a litter of six, Zeta was chosen for having the longest straight tail among her siblings.

Lucy: The Pomeranian with beauty and brains

Lucy has a sharp mind and learn tricks super fast. She's so smart, she even taught herself how to use the home toilet when she can't go out.

Busted! 5 dog food myths you’ve believed for too long

Before buying the next bag of dog food, read why a high-protein diet is not harmful to your dog, and more myths the pet food industry is perpetrating.

Whisky: The Golden Retriever with a penchant for gardening

This 12-year-old Golden Retriever loves gardening, redecorating the house and stealing mangoes from the altar.

PledgeCare animal welfare campaign: Second Chance Animal Society

Second Chance Animal Society is a no-kill animal shelter with a mission to rescue and rehome stray dogs.

Manja: The little abandoned cat who loved to cuddle

Manja was especially attached to Farah Afiqah's mother and would follow her around the house all day long like a white shadow.

Bubbles, the sweet and sneaky ‘vacuum cleaner’

Having a great appetite, Bubbles loves to hide under the table at mealtimes and lap up any scraps of food she might find there.

Useful tips for training your dog

Finding a good dog trainer can be tough. Here's a step-by-step training guide if you're doing it yourself.

Louie Iskandar: The escape artist with a sweet tooth

This Persian cat loves cakes and pastries besides strutting around the neighbourhood showing off his good looks.

PledgeCare animal welfare campaign: My Pets Haven

Wondering what it’s like running an animal shelter? Then you don’t want to miss this video on My Pets Haven.

Meet Bear, the Aussie dog rescuing koalas in danger

As the Australian koala population suffers due to ongoing bushfires, a dog named Bear has been helpful in locating survivors.

The purr-fect temple: Nyan Nyan Ji with its cat monks

Nyan Nyan Ji in Kyoto, Japan is a unique place of worship as its chief nun is a cat named Koyuki.

Paw-fect! Pet Lovers Centre’s pet food drive is on again

Here's your chance to participate in PLC's fourth annual pet food drive dedicated to four animal shelters around Malaysia.

Ham Ham: Sleeps all day and parties all night long

When night falls, Ham Ham can be seen running in his wheel and playing with his toys.

The joys of volunteering at an animal shelter

Besides helping forge a sense of trust between humans and animals, volunteering at a shelter helps ease the workload of rescue workers.