Ronny, the Beagle mix who loves clothes and shoes

10-year-old Ronny has been known to chew up many beautiful clothes and shoes but gets off scot-free time and again.

Parrot has public message: ‘There is corona’, ‘don’t go out’

The 22-month-old grey parrot began to mimic the words after training with its owners during the lockdown in Israel.

Pinning one’s hopes on acupuncture for better pet health

This ancient practice in which long, fine needles are inserted at strategic points on the body can be beneficial for pets.

Hong Kong dog dies after release from Covid-19 quarantine

Cause of death cannot be determined as the owner, who recently recovered from a Covid-19 infection, declined to conduct an autopsy.

Meet Toothless, the smiley four-legged amphibian

Toothless is an Axolotl, also known as 'Mexican walking fish' for obvious reasons.

How to sniff out 5 misleading labels on pet foods

Everyone wants to give their pet the healthiest life possible but do you know what is really in that processed food you feed your furries?

Captain the Pomeranian: Diva with a big heart

Five-year-old Captain expects to be carried up and down the stairs but is protective over his beloved fur-sister, Maggie.

Part 2: 10 awesome pet boarding places in the Klang Valley

Here are five more pet boarding options in the Klang Valley where your pets will be treated just as they are at home.

Meet Siti Nuryipyip Abdullah, the kitty looking for Mr Right

Growing up fast, this kitty is now on the lookout for a dashing male she can share her life with. Any takers?

Dog lovers willing to pay top dollar to keep old dogs...

Countless ageing dogs are undergoing cardiac treatments, stem cell transplants, tracheal stents, and pacemakers to prolong their lives.

Charlie, the tiny bodyguard big on charm

Charlie is serious about sniffing you out first before admitting you into his home.

Kuchi Bean, the cutest chicken-eating menace in town

The darling in Thushendra Kumar's life, this four-year-old is loving, intelligent and extremely naughty.

Part 1: 10 awesome pet boarding places in the Klang Valley

Here are five pet boarding options in the Klang Valley where your pet will be treated just like home.

Chi Chita, tiny survivor pup who rules the roost

Living in an animal shelter, it took Chi Chita a while, but in the end, she found her family and her happy ending.

Valley, the feisty attention-seeker who loves company

This five-month old Mixed English Angora is intelligent, loving and playful, and the apple of her human parents' eye.

Call of the Wild, a must-watch movie for animal lovers

Movie tells of the adventures of Buck, a dog kidnapped from his California home and left to survive in the wild Yukon.

Hong Kong pets face coronavirus quarantine if owners test positive

The move follows after an infected patient's dog tested positive.

Meet Courage, the lovable but cowardly dog

A two-year-old mix-breed with a beautiful, smiling face, Courage loves going for walks, eating biscuits and playing with his many soft toys.

Pet dog quarantined in Hong Kong after testing positive for coronavirus

Dog belongs to a 60-year-old woman infected with the virus.

Kuaci, the dwarf hamster who answers to her name

The most endearing thing about this Winter White Dwarf hamster is that she recognises her name and will come scurrying over when you call her.

Study finds ‘cat-friendly’ music could calm stressed cats

Researchers say new findings could help decrease a cat's stress levels and reassure owners that their pet will have a less stressful visit to the vet.

Fluffy, the Maltese model who’s all heart

A professional model, Fluffy is also intelligent, loving and Menaka's most precious 'furson'.

Adik, the cat who doesn’t like being home alone

After surviving abandonment, starvation and almost being killed by cars, Adik yearns for the companionship of his human mother at all times.

PLC-PAWS work to boost animal adoption at SS2 Central in PJ

The centre is a space for animal shelters to hold pet adoption drives.