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PledgeCare animal welfare campaign: Uncle Win’s shelter

PledgeCare leads the way in highlighting animal welfare awareness this December.

Meet Chino, the cutest ‘puppy’ in the world

Although six years old, Tan Hui Min says Chino will forever be a 'puppy' as far as his human family is concerned.

All hail Princess Rimjhim who reigns supreme

This little princess goes by many names and acknowledges each with a flicker of her ears.

Everything you need to know about pet therapy

Pet therapy helps reduce blood pressure, boost cardiovascular health and release endorphins in the brain to provide a calming effect.

Meow Meow: Only lemongrass for this cat, please

Unlike other cats that occasionally chew on grass, this six-year-old tabby has more refined tastes and prefers only lemongrass.

Part 1: The 12 best dog-friendly places in Penang

Finding a pet-friendly place can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. Here is Part One of 12 pet-friendly places in Penang.

Whispr: The loud and quirky dog who loved to ‘fly’

Although no longer with Loges and her family, Whispr has carved a permanent spot in their hearts.

Bobby Grey: The cat with a fondness for paper bags

This Persian lad loves to sit in the odd empty paper bag or follow his momma around the house, earning himself the nickname 'Momma's Royal Guard'.

7 dog breeds with Asian origins

From the Afghan to Malaysia’s own Telomian, a good portion of the dog breeds of the world can trace their origins to Asia.

Ah Bii: The lost puppy who became a princess

Wong Jun Yong's heart melted when he saw a tiny puppy all by herself and was overjoyed when his dad said he could keep her.

Gus: Rabbit, lion or teddy bear – you decide

Meet Gus, the Lionhead Teddy Bear who is cute as a button, intelligent and extremely naughty.

Clumsy but lovable Gogorn has a thing for balls

This majestic German Shepherd owns balls in every colour that he carries around in his mouth and doesn't let anyone touch.

Dr Wawa goes out of her way to help and rescue...

An animal lover since young, Dr Jawahir Abdullah now uses her veterinarian skills to help and save stray animals.

Tinkerbell: The ravishing but ruthless diva

Besides sauntering in and out of the house, this diva loves a spot of hunting.

Meet Mowgli, the dog who jumps for joy at dinnertime

The Beagle-and-Jack Russell Terrier-mix who is now 13 years old still has the energy to jump for his food even though he's slowed down in other ways.

Just minutes from death, Tomorrow is given a new lease of...

Seven months old and almost euthanised because of a bad skin condition, Maltese is adopted and nursed back to health.

There’s something pretty fishy going on in here

From Balloon Mollys, Redeye Barbs and other Barb species, this fish aquarium is a pretty sight to behold.

5 animals that served on battlefields throughout history

Animals have been used in war throughout human history, from delivering despatches to actively fighting alongside soldiers on the ground.

Dawn, the dog given a second chance at life

A Maltese who was about to be euthanised, Dawn was given the chance to live by a kind soul who connected with her instantly.

Tadaa!’s 24 dog treats are a paw-fect Christmas surprise

This December, show your pets how much you love them with a Christmas Surprise Box filled with treats.

Rufus, the anti-social bunny who loves to brood all day

An eight-year-old Netherlands Dwarf, Rufus is a special breed of rabbit in that he will remain short and small his entire life.

Sparkle: Master and protector of the Lee family

As far as Sparkle was concerned, he wasn't the pet but the fearless alpha dog to whom all obeyed and gave food, treats and belly rubs to.

Meet Haru, saved from the jaws of a scaly monster

Thanks to being saved by Sofea Abd Manan, Haru is now growing up safe and sound in a loving home with Tinkerbell her big and fluffy sister cat.

Peanuts: He’s a lover, not a fighter

Peanuts is a big bundle of unconditional love for humans, his fellow animals and even food.