Liya, the pottu-wearing pup who loves motorbike rides

The soul of Deepa's family, Liya is much loved by everyone, even friends who drop by to visit the happy, little puppy.

MK, the ladoo-loving dog from the Temple of Fine Arts

Abandoned as a pup, MK now lives with a kind couple who love her dearly and treat her as one of the family.

Lulu, the Shorkie who loves to go on drives

This little darling is a cross between Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier, and is intelligent and loving.

Meet the sassy Bella who’s more human than dog

This spunky Wirehaired Terrier-Labrador loves to snuggle, play in the park and wear outfits.

5 types of food cats should never eat

Cats are curious creatures and may gobble up things that may not be good for their health.

Odie Valentino, the much-loved rose among the thorns

With three women who adore him no end, this Shih-Poo lives a charmed life.

Arya, the ‘chocolate fudge brownie’ kitty

Sweet-natured and friendly, Arya's unique colour sets him apart from others.

5 food types that are poisonous to your dog

While it is a nice gesture to share leftovers with your dog, be careful not to feed them anything that may harm their health.

Meet Keshu, the petite but muscular hunk

Part Miniature Pinscher, part Miniature Poodle, this 11-year-old is super sweet and fearless by nature.

How you can help ‘Woof and Meow 2.0’ feed animals

Woof and Meow 2.0 is raising funds to buy kibbles for four animal shelters in Penang and now members of the public can help their effort too.

Basha, the buff dwarf who is ‘scary fierce’

Five-year-old Rottweiler mix may be cute as a button but do not go near him unless he's wagging his tail and ready to make friends first.

Feline of ‘Street Cat Named Bob’ fame dies, aged 14

Bob’s friendship with a recovering drug addict inspired the bestselling book and film 'A Street Cat Named Bob'.

Meet Miya, the madcap Siamese mix

Miya's life as a kitten was one filled with wild adventures, bouts of slumber and endless love from her foster mom.

Destiny, an ‘angel’ who left too soon

Abandoned on the streets, Devika and her husband take the Shih Tzu-mix home only to lose her after three years to an allergic reaction to medication.

Pet Lovers Centre opens first Vet Pharmacy in Johor Bahru

The outlet in Mid Valley Southkey will provide personalised supplements and healthcare needs for pets.

Loki, the adorable ringleader of the Teh household

Loki likes to call the shots at home but is a loving and sweet-natured pooch who loves car rides more than walks in the neighbourhood.

UK animal shelter uses video calls to find homes for dogs

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has continued trying to rehouse hundreds of dogs and cats in its care with the help of video calls.

Miao: From gangster girl to pretty princess

Once a stray, Miao has found a forever home with Regina Lum.

Brie, the ‘chunky ball’ who can snore the house down

The young English Bulldog oozes love and happiness from every pore.

Meet Burpee, the garden destroyer

Five-year-old Burpee loves to dig up the garden, and even bury her food in the sand sometimes.

Yuna, graceful kitty with the sweetest of meows

Although she can meow loudly in protest at being left alone, Yuna will sing softly when she is being cuddled and caressed.

5 types of personalities your cat may have

Cats, like their furless bipedal owners, can have greatly differing and individual personality types.

Dogs want to rescue owners in distress, study finds

The owners pretended to be in distress by calling out 'help', and were coached beforehand on how to make their cries sound authentic.

Rover, the show dog with a string of trophies

Rover is a three-and-a-half year old Rottweiler who's happily retired now and living life just chilling with his adopted siblings.