Keep tabs on the property market and trends in real estate.

Why millennials must know that loan compression is a scam

Millennials are advised to take on multiple loans to buy more than one property at once but this could make inexperienced investors bankrupt.

Time to improve affordability, not build more affordable homes

With the rising cost of living and the unequal distribution of income among the people, it appears that more affordable housing is not the solution.

6 fabulous ways to create a Beverly Hills-style bathroom

With the right choices and some creativity, anyone can have an elegant bathroom that feels like a celebrity’s.

More developer incentives needed so building affordable homes is fairly profitable

With shrinking profit margins, industry players urge the government to review the many regulatory fees imposed on them.

Selling your home? Interior design trends you shouldn’t follow

Some 'on-trend' home improvements are more likely to put potential buyers off.

Drip, drip, drip: 3 reasons why your roof is leaking

A roof can start leaking for many reasons, here are the three most common ones.

How to create a stylish laundry area in your home

Creating a tidy, chic space to wash the clothes will make laundry day a pleasure.

Bangsar South: Most sought-after property investment today

The 60-acre parcel of land is a self-sustaining ecosystem that lives up to the demands of modern-day living.

Property developers should eat their losses, says buyers group

House buyers' association asks why the country should subsidise the developers' losses which came about from their own bad decisions.

10 things to consider before buying your dream home

Besides a solid location, having the right budget and working with a dedicated realtor will help make buying a home that much easier.

To buy or not to buy? 5 solid reasons for and...

Buying a home is a big commitment so it's best to weigh the pros and cons carefully before taking the plunge.

10 ways to jazz up the home on a budget

With a little ingenuity and not a lot of money, a person’s home can be their castle.

MIEA wants extension of incentives for secondary home buyers

Real estate association says extension of incentives will help spur the growth of the property market.

6 workable tips to select colours while remodelling

A simple, inexpensive coat of paint can transform your home from an old, outdated property into a contemporary, cozy space.

In Penang, building of 16-storey block worries area residents

They say the piling work could cause damage to their heritage homes.

3 spots cockroaches consider heaven in your home

No matter how clean the house is, there are always places in your home where you will find cockroaches.

More property owners keen to sell now, say estate agents

Low interest rates on loans to buyers and RPGT exemption has spurred the interest of owners, says association.

Singapore’s home sales jump 75% as online viewings take hold

Home prices in China rise at the fastest pace in 7 months in May.

Penang announces cheaper affordable homes, drops minimum price for foreign buyers

The state says it will strike a balance between protecting local buyers and clearing the property overhang.

Hong Kong still most expensive city for expats

Hong Kong retains its place atop the rankings for a third straight year, according to the latest Mercer annual report.

3 simple hacks for tough jobs in the kitchen

Save energy and time spent cleaning with these natural remedies.

3 things that reduce the effectiveness of air conditioning

They hum away in the background keeping us comfortable as we sleep, but there are things that can be done to make air conditioners work better.

Simple makeovers to give your home a new feel

Painting a wall here, placing a new cupboard there, or just a good cleaning can refresh the home.

Kim and Kanye’s LA mansion among the most Googled

Kim Kardashian's minimalistic LA house, which she shares with her husband Kanye West had 168,000 searches a year.