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When cruise ships embodied the perfect holiday

Cruise liners are the embodiment of a perfect holiday. Read on about

Hong Kong Disneyland a popular choice for kids

The Hong Kong Disneyland theme park has plenty of attractions and rides to keep kids happy.

6 times dreadful tourists damaged valuable attractions

With the recent desecration of an exhibit at the National Art Gallery, tourists should be reminded to treat places of learning, history and culture with respect.

5 ways to recharge in Janda Baik

A hop, skip and jump away from Kuala Lumpur, Janda Baik is a welcome respite from the city.

4 tips when travelling with baby on a flight

Keeping baby happy and restful ensures an enjoyable flight for her, you and fellow passengers.

Scenic and sacred Sam Poh Tong cave temple

The Sam Poh Tong Buddhist cave temple in Ipoh includes a crematorium and a columbarium.

Simply serene São Miguel island, Azores

Sao Miguel island is of volcanic origin and is peppered with craters or calderas.

3 must-eat delicacies when on a day trip in Melaka

From savoury to sweet to traditional and modern, there's something for everyone when spending the day in Melaka.

Dubai’s world class metro trains a major hit

The Metro trains are very busy and it is possible you will be unable to get a seat.

6 weekend holidays in Asia for adventurers on a budget

Whether it's scuba diving in Thailand, trekking in Malaysia or skiing in South Korea, there are plenty of cheap destinations to escape to.

Dubai, city of gold and spice

Many of the tourists who visit Dubai buy gold and spice from the many souks found here.

No kidding: You can avoid crying babies on Japan airlines

Tweet brings to light feature that tells passengers who they sit next to.

Churches in Malaysia of historical and architectural appeal

Some of the oldest and most famous churches are in Melaka. In 1618 there were 7,400 Christians there with 14 churches and two chapels.

Trash to tulips: Philippine city turns plastic bottles into flowers

Garden in Basilan built using 26,877 bottles from 45 villages.

Travelling across the creek by Dubai’s traditional wooden boats

This mode of transport called abra is unique to Dubai, ferry up to 20 passengers at a time for a modest fare.

Old Dubai still retains its distinct charm

Here are some attractions in old Dubai which are located within the city limits.

Penang National Park: Sandy beaches, hilltop views and jungle trails

Places of interest here include Monkey Beach (Teluk Duyung), Pantai Teluk Aling, Muka Head Lighthouse and Pantai Kerachut (Turtle Beach).

Concubine Lane: Falling in love with an Ipoh of yesteryear

With stalls and cafes selling delicious snacks of all kinds, Concubine Lane is a must-visit when in Ipoh.

Dazzling delightful Dazaifu not just for academic success

Dazaifu’s main highlight is Tenman-gu Shrine, dedicated to a ninth century scholar, poet and court official named Michizane.

The many beautiful Thai and Burmese temples of Malaysia

There are 18 Thai and two Burmese temples in Malaysia, all architectural masterpieces in their own way.

Refreshing and invigorating hike up Bukit Larut on foot

Bukit Larut is not the easiest climb but worth it for the nature, clean air and scenery.

M Boutique: A classy, avant-garde experience in an old mining town

While looking somewhat out of place in a town of old buildings, M Boutique offers a luxurious experience for the weary traveller.

TripAdvisor failing to stop fake reviews, says study

TripAdvisor took down hundreds of reviews after the investigation by Which?

The iconic Hotel Equatorial returns as the snazzy EQ

Read the continuing story of Hotel Equatorial, now re-branded EQ.