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Current affairs in Sabah and Sarawak.

Hadi’s meeting with CM confirms ‘unholy union’, says Sarawak DAP

It says the Sarawak government should ban the PAS president from entering Sarawak after he made a racist statement against the Chinese in the state.

Appointment of community leaders is our right, says Sarawak

State assistant minister says Putrajaya should not interfere in the appointment of community leaders in Sarawak.

Programme attended by Anwar was apolitical, says Murut body

The Murut organisation was forced to explain itself after some participants were told to answer show cause letters issued by Warisan for taking part in the two-day programme.

Without PM’s post, Anwar can still fight for MA63, says Sarawak...

The PKR president does not need to become the prime minister as he is part of the Pakatan Harapan presidential council, says Francis Paul Siah.

Ban on slot machines won’t solve Sabah’s gambling problem, says ex-CM

Yong Teck Lee says the vacuum will be quickly filled by illegal slot machine operators.

No, Pandikar and Salleh not joining PKR, says Sabah PKR chief

Christina Liew says party president Anwar Ibrahim did not indicate to her that the two former BN leaders are joining PKR.

Anwar wants review of Malaysia’s poverty line

He says there is no village or estate in Malaysia that is without poor people.

Mukhriz welcomes Musa Aman’s son into PPBM, says will strengthen PH

The PPBM deputy president says Yamani Hafez Musa has strengthened PH's position in Parliament.

Sarawak PPBM reveals new structure for state

It has appointed six division heads with a list of executive committee members to be announced by the end of the month.

MA63 issues will be resolved when I become PM, says Anwar

The PKR president says Dr Mahathir Mohamad has taken the matter seriously, including setting up a special Cabinet committee to discuss the terms.

Ex-CM Musa Aman’s son confirmed as PPBM member

Sipitang MP Yamani Hafez Musa got his membership card from PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad today.

Repairs to Sarawak’s dilapidated schools going smoothly, says Maszlee

The education ministry will monitor the work to ensure there are no ‘sick projects’, says its minister Maszlee Malik.

Guan Eng denies delaying oil royalty payment to Sabah, Sarawak

The finance minister says he is personally committed towards delivering the Pakatan Harapan promise.

Anwar as PM can unite the country, says Pandikar

Former speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia says Malaysia is in danger because of secessionists in Borneo and the threat of extreme politics in the peninsula.

Sabah will be richest state, says Dr M

The prime minister rejects claims that the east Malaysian state is the poorest.

Putrajaya buys surveillance aircraft to map Sarawak forests, wildlife

Minister says the RM35 million aircraft is part of Putrajaya's effort to protect forests and wildlife in the country.

No issue with Azmin attending PPBM event, says Anwar

Many other PKR leaders besides Azmin were also present at the event, and "there is no problem", says the PKR president.

Equal partner status for Sabah, Sarawak still on agenda, says Dr...

Mahathir says Special Cabinet Committee, which includes the two chief ministers, has met several times to discuss state rights

Sabah opposition stay cool about joining unity charter

Parti Bersatu Sabah 'studying' the invitation, while Sabah Progressive Party pours cold water over the idea.

Pick more judges with ‘Borneon experience’ to hear appeals, say Sabah...

Such judges can better understand local issues in cases concerning native customary law, says body.

Sivarasa ticked off for talking like an ‘ignorant outsider’

Deputy CM says Sivarasa's statement about replacing the village councils reflects outsider's ignorance of a system long practised by Sarawak.

Mahathir’s call led to Malay unity charter, says Sabah Umno

Youth chief Abdul Aziz Julkarnain blasts Guan Eng's veiled attack on 'fascist, racist' politics with a reminder of how various DAP leaders have reacted with provocative racial and religious terms before.

Mahathir’s new Look East focus on Sabah, Sarawak

Previous government had failed to give attention to Sarawak, says PM. Now the people in Sabah and Sarawak will be treated the same as those in the Peninsula.

PPBM Santubong chief to lead party in Sarawak

Jaziri Alkaf A Suffian has been appointed as the party's leadership committee head.