From one point of view to another.

Doesn’t it sting to part with your dreams?

Football fans have been stung by the audacious sale of cherished memorabilia by two star players.

MPs must search their souls when voting on the Speaker

Members of Parliament must show that we are a nation of laws, not of capricious men.

Superfan chronicles 80 years of Malaysia-Singapore football

Singaporean author inspired by Malaysian legend Isa Bakar to write book.

United resurgence could lead to clash of titans

How Bruno Fernandes-inspired revival could mean United and Liverpool finally meet as equals.

Sebuah Parlimen bernama Semporna

Mungkin Malaysia memang memerlukan pemimpin dari desa kejauhan yang lecak. Moga-moga kita rakyat Malaysia dijauhkan dari pemimpin seibarat watak Haji Sontok.

A worldwide pandemic in scapegoating of migrants

Covid-19 underlines the need for deeper structural changes in migration policies worldwide, and lessons on how we treat or mistreat the most marginalised.

Moving forward in our reform agenda

Leaders are being irresponsible when they spread falsities about the urban-rural divide and the gap between the rich and the poor.

Let’s look to the stars, launch a rocket from Malaysia

The 51st anniversary of the historic Apollo moon landing is fast approaching and we should take this opportunity to generate interest in space science.

PH pilih Anwar, Dr M hilang pengaruh

Tahun 2020 sepatutnya menjadi tahun kebanggaan Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

When gadgets become babysitters

A mother tells how her child spent all his time on the phone or watching TV, leading to slowed speech, tantrums, poor sleeping habits and withdrawal.

Antara politik ‘naungan’ dan politik ‘berprinsip’

Kesedaran itu sudah terlambat. PH kehilangan kesetiaan daripada sebahagian ahli Parlimennya.

Keep corruption at bay during Covid-19 crisis

Loosening of purse strings and regulations, and giant stimulus packages, create ideal conditions for greed and theft.

Can a ‘third force’ break the political paralysis?

We see petitions flying around, with people signing up for this and that, but when it's time for action, we are paralysed.

Will fans support Harimau Malaya with foreign players?

Local talents are being ignored as more foreign footballers are targeted for M-League.

Does Penang really need an undersea tunnel?

Solving Penang's traffic problems may not require adding another piece of transport infrastructure, such as an undersea tunnel.

Brace for second wave of economic bad news

This will come when most of the measures in the Prihatin and Penjana programmes end in September and is likely to be more severe.

Slick City warn Reds: Bring on next season

Liverpool deny they were hung over but lose last battle and know that next time the war will be closer.

Negeri 46 kali aman

Rupanya menteri khianat dan kurang amanat sudah lama dilaknat. Ia menjadi petunjuk kepada negeri yang tidak aman.

The challenge in maintaining forest reserves amid plantation expansion

Governments may change but sound national policies, such as those for forestry protection, should be respected for the country to prosper.

Virus dan kapitalisme

Covid-19 mengingatkan kita kehidupan lebih penting daripada pertumbuhan ekonomi.

What regional airlines must do to turn around

Despite the gloomy forecasts, the air travel industry can still bounce back from the impact of Covid-19.

Kembali ke pangkal jalan untuk perjuangan Malaysia lebih baru

Apa yang boleh dilakukan ialah kembali ke pangkal jalan perjuangan asal.

Rid our public hospitals of the Mahathir-Anwar legacy

Privatisation of maintenance, over-crowded wards, and reduced funding are factors behind incidents such as the JB hospital fire.

Enemy of his enemy, once again his enemy

It's pointless for Dr Mahathir Mohamad to now say he just wants to help Anwar Ibrahim become the prime minister. He had the opportunity to do so a long time ago.