FMT columnists weigh in on everything from street food to international politics.

Apa halangan Anwar dan takhta PM yang diimpikan

Yang menjadi penghalang antara Anwar dan impiannya menjadi PM sebenarnya hanyalah Anwar sendiri.

What ails our universities

Malaysians can be globally competitive and widely respected if we decide to be consistent in the fundamentals.

Dogs have nothing to do with Covid-19

Health ministry's poster is not fair to pet owners and animal welfare bodies.

Science’s solution to a broken school system?

Inconsistency is plaguing our national school system. An unrelated field may just offer a solution.

Case closed on 20% oil royalty

Mahathir’s shared prosperity vision is nothing more than a zero sum game and its certain the PH government has no intention of keeping its promise to give 20% oil royalty to Sabah and Sarawak.

Parasite Korea, parasit Malaya & kewuhanan

Di Korea Selatan, Parasite dialu-alukan kepulangannya; di Malaysia – kelas penentu dalam masyarakat kita yang bertukar menjadi parasit.

Trump’s Middle East mirage

The Trump administration is so blatantly in Israel’s camp that it has effectively forfeited America’s traditional role as honest broker.

Give priority to refugees instead of importing more foreign labour

The biggest challenge that refugees face, apart from the harassment and intimidation, is sustaining themselves and their families

The missing link in Malaysia’s maritime industry

Malaysia is off the radar for many international cruise ship operators who are keen on this region.

How ‘Controlocracy’ lost control in China

A tight control on information has deprived Chinese of their right to know what is happening in their communities, and within their own bodies.

Gagasan Pakatan Nasional jejaskan mandat rakyat

Sistem dan peraturan boleh berubah menurut penggubal undang-undang, tetapi konsep mandat rakyat kekal dan dalam sistem demokrasi, ia adalah sakral.

Bagaimana lantik PM ke-8?

Jika ketika Dr Mahathir Mohamad ingin berundur dan lebih 16 ahli Parlimen PH dan Warisan tidak menyokong Anwar sebagai perdana menteri, maka Anwar tidak boleh dilantik dengan penyerahan kuasa begitu saja.

The coronavirus and the wisdom of traditional greetings

The call to not shake hands but to say Salam Malaysia so as to prevent coronavirus infection not only has merit, it also reminds us of the wisdom of our Asian way of greeting others.

End the LTTE farce now

If there are genuine concerns that the 12 pose a threat to national security, the courts should hear their case expeditiously.

Not right for local council to sue the public

The Subang Jaya Municipal Council's plan to sue a dog lover for defamation is a waste of taxpayers' money and time.

How China silences governments in its global war against human rights

China uses its immense economic power and international clout to undermine human rights protections at the global level.

Panduan mengenal samseng Melayu

Ia satu masalah yang makin serius dalam kalangan orang Melayu. Ia bukan budaya tinggi Melayu. Ia perangai lanun-lanun dahulu kala.

AP policy is of no help whatsoever to M40 or B40...

It is the Bumiputeras in the T20 category and closest to the political leadership who have been reaping the benefits of the various programmes to help the community, and this has to change.

Coronavirus – how worried should you be?

The new Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in China and causing widespread global panic, but is the fear justified? Let’s look at the science behind it.


Sebahagian penyokong Dr Mahathir Mohamad yang menyambut baik beliau memangku jawatan menteri pendidikan tiba-tiba mendapati diri mereka perlu defensif.

Perlu gambaran sebenar jangkitan koronavirus di China

Tindakan China menyiapkan sebuah hospital baru yang dilengkapi 1,000 katil pesakit di dalam masa 6 hari, menandakan keadaannya sangat serius.

Ban on plastic straws is a distraction

The ban won’t solve the problem of plastic pollution but these 5 measures might just do the trick.

A refugee child’s story

Refugees wait anxiously for the United Nations to resettle them with little education and limited opportunities to work in Malaysia.

Tingkat pengurusan krisis koronavirus: Surat terbuka buat PM dan Kabinet

Sebagai langkah pengurusan krisis, kerajaan perlu merancang dengan anggapan bahawa vaksin koronavirus tidak akan ditemui dengan segera.