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Antara wira lawan wabak Dr Rieux dan Noor Hisham

Kalau ada 'Tok Ayah' atau 'Abah' untuk dihormati, orangnya adalah Noor Hisham, seperti Rieux. Jangan terburu-buru, si lebam seperti 'Prefect' tanpa kepimpinan tidak layak diberi puji-puja mesra.

The death of normalcy

The MCO is not only going to take a nasty toll on families, but also on the nation, especially if the government fails to negotiate this crisis honestly and cleverly.

Covid-19 diramal, tetapi tidak diendahkan

Sebenarnya pakar di Barat secara umumnya sudah menjangkakan satu wabak besar akan berlaku dalam waktu terdekat, tetapi tahunnya tidak dapat diramalkan, ia berdasarkan sejarah dunia.

Covid-19, the new national security threat

War games are useless when an invisible enemy can defeat nations and bring them to a standstill.

Keep the supply chain moving during shutdown

Logistics companies play a crucial role while the country deals with travel restrictions under the movement control order.

‘Tok Ayah’ Muhyiddin semakin disenangi rakyat

Antara perkara yang paling terserlah di dalam kepimpinan Muhyiddin sepanjang PKP ialah mengekalkan komunikasi satu saluran.

4 ways to avoid a Covid-19 ventilator crisis

If Malaysia is to prevent the dire situation Italy and the US find themselves in, it has to take urgent steps to procure them.

No time to die

We need to find the cure for Covid-19 and help one another overcome an invisible army.

After Covid-19, China’s misplaced pandemic propaganda

Beijing has shifted its propaganda machine into high gear. Its goal: change the narrative of the Covid-19 crisis.

Doa Britney Spears kala Covid-19

Wabak membuatkan manusia terlupa keutamaan. Wabak meletakkan manusia di persimpangan.

The Arab world’s perfect Covid-19 storm

The camel in the room is oil.

The ‘itchy fingers’ pandemic

The information overload has revealed thousands of ignoramuses, and a surge of racist and bigoted sentiments

3 predictions for a world after Covid-19

The world will never be the same again. Covid-19 has made sure of it. Here are three key predictions on how the world will look once the global carnage is over.

Why Malaysia may fail the Covid-19 exam

The public does not seem to be cooperating enough in the battle against Covid-19.

‘Normal baru’ di Malaysia selepas Covid-19

'Normal baru' tidak akan stabil sebaliknya ia merupakan era tidak menentu.

How to keep the Covid-19 economy working

An immunity test could tell who doesn’t need to be taken out of economic circulation.

Terima kasih askar barisan depan tabah perangi Covid-19

Jika perintah kawalan pergerakan ini tidak berkesan, rakyat Malaysia tidak dapat menyambut bulan Ramadan seperti biasa, bahkan sambutan Aidilfitri pun akan terjejas.

Death in the time of coronavirus

Attending a funeral while the country is in partial lockdown over the Covid-19 outbreak evokes thoughts about death at this time of global tragedy.

Let’s help the real Avengers – our doctors and nurses

Healthcare staff are the real heroes on the front line, who put their lives at risk so that the spread of Covid-19 can be arrested.

Get private hospitals to help combat Covid-19 – now

Only government hospitals are treating Covid-19 patients and they will soon be overwhelmed. We need private hospitals to do their duty

Cina yang meratapi Melayu

1 Mac itu dia kenang sampai bila-bila.

When data means life and death: 3 questions about Covid-19

Good data on Covid-19 is a precious resource, and it needs to be much less scarce because it could mean life and death.

How will the world look like post-Covid-19?

Diseases shape history just as much, if not more, than wars and world leaders.

Rakyat ‘manja’ undang tindakan lebih drastik bila tak mahu kerjasama

Kerajaan setakat ini meletakkan penggunaan tentera untuk melaksanakan perintah kawalan pergerakan sebagai langkah terakhir.