FMT columnists weigh in on everything from street food to international politics.

Will fans support Harimau Malaya with foreign players?

Local talents are being ignored as more foreign footballers are targeted for M-League.

Does Penang really need an undersea tunnel?

Solving Penang's traffic problems may not require adding another piece of transport infrastructure, such as an undersea tunnel.

Slick City warn Reds: Bring on next season

Liverpool deny they were hung over but lose last battle and know that next time the war will be closer.

Negeri 46 kali aman

Rupanya menteri khianat dan kurang amanat sudah lama dilaknat. Ia menjadi petunjuk kepada negeri yang tidak aman.

Virus dan kapitalisme

Covid-19 mengingatkan kita kehidupan lebih penting daripada pertumbuhan ekonomi.

Kembali ke pangkal jalan untuk perjuangan Malaysia lebih baru

Apa yang boleh dilakukan ialah kembali ke pangkal jalan perjuangan asal.

Dr M paksa PKR pilih antara 2 kesudahan

Adakah PKR akan menegaskan prinsip dan menelan tuduhan mereka punca pembangkang berpecah atau melupakan hasrat Anwar Ibrahim menjadi PM buat selama-lamanya?

Who will pick up our fallen stars?

Government funding has dried up and fundraising efforts have stalled because of the shrinking economy.

Klopp the tearful star of Liverpool’s triumph

Why anti-climactic ending of title drought should not diminish Jurgen Klopp’s fantastic achievement with Liverpool

Covid-19 puts meat on the chopping block

Many blame Chinese wet markets for the emergence of Covid-19 but they are unaware that the real culprit lies on the plate right in front of them.

115 ekor cicak

Apakah yang akan dilakukan seorang filsuf - katakan Al-Tusi dalam keadaan ini?

Towering Tunku and today’s power-loving politicians

Decades after his death, Tunku Abdul Rahman continues to live in the hearts of many Malaysians.

Keraguan terhadap keberkesanan demokrasi

Adakah demokrasi ini hanya menjadi alat bagi ahli politik untuk meraih kuasa?

China’s economic crossroads

For the first time in more than 25 years, China does not have a growth target.

Out of touch sports bodies lost in the digital world

Spelling errors, sparse information, and no records of the past line the dusty cobwebs of the online presence of our sports organisations.

Norita tukang urut

Pak Sako secara tajam memperihalkan bagaimana ahli politik kelihatannya bekerja hanya untuk kepentingan agenda sendiri.

Finally, football schools come under FAM scope

But the bigger challenge will be executing and monitoring the system.

Race: fact or fiction? Science holds the answer

Before we try to eradicate racism, we need to understand its roots and the science behind it.

Rationing healthcare the karipap way

There are hard choices to make in this era of new normal.

Gagasan parti Azmin meriahkan politik Malaysia

Parti Keadilan Negara, yang dipaparkan sebagai parti bagi menampung pengikut Azmin Ali dan Hishammuddin Hussein, mempunyai tarikan tersendiri.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

Muhyiddin Yassin has to deal with multiple problems, from a split in his party to an opposition waiting to topple his government to an angry Dr Mahathir Mohamad and a world battling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tsunami kemelesetan ekonomi bakal melanda pada Oktober?

Oktober ini, apabila moratorium berakhir, impak Covid-19 terhadap ekonomi negara dan rakyat akan betul-betul terasa.

World university rankings have become an ‘arms race’

Rankings are a form of academic imperialism, a powerful instrument of knowledge ownership initiated by the developed West, and imposed globally.

Why is it hard to do what is right?

Malaysians seem to have lined up in opposite camps about whether to obey rules meant to curb Covid-19.