From our editors.

The gay sex videos and our moral dilemma

The videos affair highlights a reality of political life in Malaysia: that leaders cannot avoid being held to a religious benchmark if they desire credibility in the public eye.

Kit Siang disappoints Malaysians

We were primed up for the Great Debate. Alas, there's been a contestus interruptus.

Why May 9 should worry PH politicians

One year is not that long in politics, especially for a government that has to sift through the mess accumulated through decades of mismanagement.

Marzuki’s scroll, small minds and big mouths

Marzuki Yahya and others with lowly degrees have nothing to be ashamed of as long as they have integrity and humility.

When privileged elites lack empathy for angry minorities

It is time the leaders of the majority display magnanimity to those who have been denied fair play as fellow citizens.

When a Muslim scholar parades his irrelevance as the nation mourns

His call for vengeance for Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim's death is a sickening reminder that some of our so-called religious leaders are really an insult to Islam.

What Maszlee’s critics don’t understand

Maszlee Malik can perhaps justify the three magic words in IIUM's name and give them their rightful meaning.

The new FMT News

This is the first major overhaul of our site since we first launched as an independent news portal in 2009

An assurance to FMT readers post-GE14

Nothing has changed as far as the 'mainstream' media's understanding of journalism is concerned.

On Umno’s anniversary, a painful lesson of hubris

The Malay party is in ruins today, exactly 72 years after its formation in 1946.

Dr M the comeback PM – what we wrote a year...

Long before he was named as Pakatan Harapan's candidate for prime minister, this editorial piece made the case for Mahathir to be declared as the coalition's PM-designate.

The ‘election budget’: Guess who walked out

Opposition MPs showed good sense in just sitting back to let Najib show what a cheap stunt man he can be.

The gall of Penang’s spokesmen for Islam

A preacher tells Muslims not to deal with non-Muslims, and they say that's okay.

What does it take to be king of hearts?

Just ask the Sultan of Johor.

Aidiladha and the forgotten sacrifice

Muslims need to go back to Islam's principles of social justice and equality and forego some comforts to correct the wrong perceptions of their religion.

What ails the National Language

Beyond road signs and identification papers, have we truly given Bahasa Melayu its proper status by liberating it from narrow communal sentiments?

Tax is not the problem, tact is

This Nazri-Karim episode has little, indeed nothing, to do with the so-called hotel tax.

Erdogans of Malaysia, where art thou?

Their silence in the face of the crackdown in Turkey tells Malaysians not to expect much from even the so-called moderate Islamists.

Pakatan, here’s your PM-designate

Malaysians want to know who will lead them if they are to vote out BN once and for all.

The Pakatan ship, minus the ‘men of God’

Now, any talk that there is still hope to change PAS borders on political eccentrism.

What Thaqif tried to tell us

Thaqif cried for help invoking God's name. Now, we must not let his death be in vain.

Dear PAS, Hadi is not the Prophet

Muslims are not insulted if he is called a monkey.

A December for the Prophet and Christ

Muslims and Christians use the same Arabic word for two important birthdays.

The handshake that should worry the BN

A reconciliation between Anwar and Mahathir can ignite the spark needed to address the opposition's biggest weakness: political lethargy.