FMT readers have their say.

The road to Putrajaya, and then to nowhere

The journey to Putrajaya is not as straightforward as it seems, as some may have discovered.

Politicians, step back and look hard at the people you’re supposed...

It is painful to see Malaysia become a dysfunctional state.

Clock runs out on Malaysia’s new beginning?

Malaysia's economy becomes an early victim of its shortening political cycle.

Pointers for the Electoral Reform Committee

The first-past-the-post system needs to be preserved as ours is a representative democracy, not direct democracy,

To all moral PH fans, the joke is on you

The new government, if it ever takes place, is as legit as your mother's marriage certificate.

Cracks in Sarawak PH ahead of state elections

There will be more tussles and rumblings, including back-stabbing, at the time of the elections.

‘Shouting doctor’ incident reflects what is wrong in medical service

We need to make more doctors available and give more training on medical knowledge, soft skills and de-escalation skills during times of crisis.

Younger generation seeking better options in politics

The political party that can diffuse racial and religious sentiments is the ideal one to govern this country.

UM wrong to use volunteers in Covid-19 isolation exercise

The university's management should have assigned suitably qualified people to isolate students from China.

Anifah’s best comeback plan is to unite Sabah’s opposition

Anifah Aman must prove to Sabah voters that his BN/Umno days are a dark chapter of the past and that he deserves another chance to start afresh.

The people demand participatory democracy

Politicians should listen to the people, find out their concerns, engage with them, and encourage them to participate in making decisions.

Get the basics right first on Penang’s transport solutions

The Penang Transport Master Plan imports wholesale measures found effective in other cities without first analysing the strategic differences.

Inaccurate headlines on WWF’s report on plastic pollution

WWF-Malaysia says its recent report on plastic consumption in Asia was taken out of context and sensationalised.

The hatred shown by ‘dog lovers’

Nothing nefarious at all about the Ministry of Health poster to suggest that it had intentions at targeting dogs.

Stop attacking Penang Transport Master Plan

Penangites have waited a long time for a solution to the traffic woes.

NGOs are watchdogs, not lapdogs

Penang DAP assemblymen should thank the watchdog consultancy of Penang Forum as a free service to the aspirations of Penangites.

Is Parti Sarawak Bersatu overly ambitious with its ‘third force’ target?

Everything is fair game for an independent party as it owes no allegiance to any coalition or party bosses.

It’s Kula that needs an education

The human resources minister needs to be open to constructive criticism and be modest when dealing with workers and unions.

Is the PTMP a Trojan horse for the Penang South reclamation...

Since 2013, the primary focus of the PTMP has shifted from 'moving people' to a massive coastal reclamation of three islands to the south.

If the whole LTTE episode is a farce, tell it to...

If there is no proof the 12 men had supported the LTTE and that the case against them is politically motivated, then a representation should be made to the AG who has the power to drop the charges.

Mahathir a voice of reason in world gone awry

The prime minister's call for Donald Trump to resign is a response from a concerned global citizen.

PH’s softening stand towards China

Although the Chinese are important trading partners, the interests and welfare of Malaysians must come first.

Poisonous political frogs in Pakatan’s midst

The complexion of PH today is very different from May 2018. Political manoeuvres in the background must stop now or we will face the wrath of the rakyat.

Learning STEM in English will not undermine Islam or the Malay...

The Dual Language Programme is still the best option for now.