FMT readers have their say.

Who is responsible for so many undocumented migrants?

Successive governments and the ruling elite must take a large share of the blame for the current state of affairs.

Barking up the wrong tree on quarantine centres in Sabah

All quarantine centres, including those in the state, come under the federal government.

Children of ‘heroes’ treated unfairly in new childcare guidelines

The women, family and community development ministry says children of frontliners should be separated from other children at childcare centres.

MM2H visa holder stranded abroad and confused

Senior minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob adds confusion on conditions to return to Malaysia.

Why is PH on a self-destruction trajectory?

In spite of their common goal to return to power, PH parties remain even more fractured than when they were in Putrajaya.

We, the lily pads for political frogs

Can voters truly make a difference in this day and age?

Attorney-General has final say in Riza’s case

Najib Razak's stepson can still be re-charged and prosecuted for the same offences, says the Bar Council president.

Why school bus operators want their monthly fees

School bus operators solely depend on fees collected from parents to pay for fixed operating costs like administration staff and drivers salaries.

When the pen can be deadly in transmitting the virus

Precautions must be taken that Covid-19 is not spread by those giving their details before entering a shop.

How Covid-19 is bringing out the worst in Malaysians

Like it or not, Malaysia's millions of undocumented migrants aren't going anywhere amid a health crisis that has shut borders worldwide.

Please help our stranded students in UK

Students in limbo ahead of their visas' expiry in 2 weeks.

How to effectively increase your risk of getting Covid-19

With the continued alarming behaviour of some Malaysians that allows the virus to spread, the second wave is coming — it is not a matter of ' if' but 'when'.

Don’t remand Patrick Teoh without basis

Even if he refuses to give an answer that can incriminate him, he is entitled to do so under our law.

Parliamentary street fight the preamble to a new landscape?

Many factors will be at play when the Dewan Rakyat meets on May 18.

What long lines at pawnshops tell us

More assistance is needed for the B40 and even M40 households.

The coronavirus pandemic and lessons not learnt

Many countries did not take heed of WHO advice after the SARs pandemic, making the onset of Covid-19 inevitable.

The double standard in criminal law and what can be done

The case of Nurul Hidayah Ahmad Zahid has sparked a debate on the so-called double standard in the criminal justice system.

Hate speech is un-Malaysian

As a Canadian, it is shocking to see hate speech in a country like Malaysia that is known for its history of incomparable generosity.

Football as never seen before

South Korea's K-League finally kicks off in midst of Covid-19, with masked coaches, tongue-tied players and no fans.

PH cutting off its nose to spite its face

There is a time to fight and there is a time to hold back.

The single mum who spoke for us

B Lisa Christina can rest assured that thousands out there admire her bravery.

The problem of straitjacket economic thinking

What Malaysia needs is real structural economic reforms.

Some questions about foreign worker screening

The cost of Covid-19 tests, who should conduct them, the capacity of hospitals to deal with them and the accuracy of such tests are all issues that should be addressed now.

What the 6-month moratorium controversy is all about

After initially promising to suspend interest, did banks try their luck to convince Bank Negara to be on their side?