South East Asia

Developments as they unfold in the Asean region.

Xi heads to Myanmar to revive multi-billion-dollar Belt and Road deals

China is looking to extend influence over a neighbour whose ties with the West have been frayed.

Deadly land clashes in Vietnam lead to arrests, social media crackdown

Govt blames officers' deaths on villagers, but locals say police used excessive force.

2010 was Singapore’s hottest decade, temperatures expected to rise

Temperatures in the city-state have been above average for the last 23 consecutive months.

Singapore misinformation law challenged in court for first time

Singapore Democratic Party is seeking to overturn the government order.

Adoption offers pour in for baby found in Singapore bin

Rubbish collectors found the child in a bloody plastic bag last week.

Thousands of young girls tricked into online sex acts, sharing nude...

In a fast-growing form of online sex crime, abusers pressurise girls to record themselves naked or perform sex acts.

Mobile app aims to bolster human trafficking reporting in Thailand

Thailand is a source, destination, transit country for people, children subjected to forced labour, sex trafficking.

Rights group slams Japan envoy for ‘disturbing’ comments on Myanmar

It urged the Japanese govt to help the Rohingya people and not 'side with criminals'.

Jokowi orders cabinet to prepare ‘super priority’ tax, job bills

Labour unions have voiced concerns about sweeping changes to labour law, have called for a nationwide protest.

Singapore companies abandon home to list in Hong Kong

Last year 10 Singaporean firms debuted in Hong Kong, raising US$155 mil, a 25% increase from 2018.

Philippines struggles to keep evacuees away from active volcano

Locals are defying authorities, returning to their homes in the no-go zones.

Ports, trains and trade: China’s Xi to offer Myanmar billion-dollar bounty

Myanmar has hammered down the price from US$7.2 bil to swerve fears of a Chinese debt-trap.

Treason trial opens for Cambodia opposition leader Kem Sokha

Reporters and human rights monitors were barred from entering the court.

With new law, S’pore makes it easier for investment firms to...

New act comes as more Hong Kong-based asset managers are inquiring about opening offices in the republic.

ICJ to rule on urgent measures in Myanmar’s genocide case on...

Civilian leader Suu Kyi's defence of the 2017 crackdown was widely condemned in the West but proved popular at home.

Indonesia detains suspects in scandal-hit insurer probe

Prosecutors are investigating financial irregularities at PT Asuransi Jiwasraya.

Thailand, Indonesia to share intelligence to combat insurgents

Aceh has been used by Thai insurgent groups to train, plan operations against Thailand, says general.

Come hail or volcanic emissions, the wedding must go on

Bridal couple were little affected in contrast to the 24,000 people who have been forced to evacuate.

Indonesia rights commission condemns LGBT raids ordered by mayor

UK conviction of the serial rapist has left the already vulnerable LGBT community feeling under fire.

Flood-hit Jakarta sues governor over deadly disaster

More than 200 residents are seeking a total of US$43 mil in compensation.

Indonesian city orders LGBT raids after UK convicts serial rapist

UK conviction of prolific rapist has prompted officials to 'prevent the spread of gay behaviour'.

Vietnam jails Danang ex-chairmen over economic mismanagement

Tran Van Minh and Van Huu Chien are accused of selling state-owned land slots causing losses of up to US$950 mil.

Thai royal motorcades will no longer shut down Bangkok roads

Thais in recent months have taken to social media to air their irritation over road closures.

Indonesia and UAE ink investment deals worth US$23 bil

Nearly 12 deals were signed by President Joko Widodo, Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed.