3 deaths, over 100 new Covid-19 infections

Sabah recorded the highest number of cases with 134 new infections.

PM umum BPN 2.0 RM7 bilion, B40 dapat RM1,000

Golongan isi rumah B40 akan menerima bayaran tunai tambahan RM1,000, B40 bujang RM500, M40 akan diberi RM600 dan M40 bujang menerima RM300.

PM unveils RM10 bil Kita Prihatin package to further cushion Covid-19...

Among the initiatives announced by Muhyiddin Yassin is the Wage Subsidy Programme 2.0.

Anwar says he has numbers to form govt and King to...

The opposition leader says the time for the Muhyiddin Yassin-led administration has come to an end.

‘Kerajaan Muhyiddin jatuh’, Anwar umum dapat sokongan ‘kukuh’, ‘meyakinkan’

Anwar Ibrahim akan menghadap Agong dalam masa terdekat.

Covid-19: 82 kes baharu, 60 di Sabah

Daripada jumlah itu 72 adalah penularan tempatan dan 10 kes import.

82 new Covid-19 cases, 60 in Sabah

Forty one of the cases in Sabah were from the Benteng cluster

Book to reveal what went into creation of Beatles’ ‘Let It...

‘The Beatles: Get Back’ is a 240-page account of the creation and recording of the Fab Four's 12th album, Let It Be.’

57 jangkitan baru Covid-19, Sabah terus catat angka tertinggi dengan 49...

Daripada jumlah itu, 51 merupakan penularan tempatan dan 6 kes import.

57 new Covid-19 cases, 49 of them in Sabah

No new Covid-19 related deaths were reported, with the death toll remaining at 130.

How to look cool on an electric scooter

The Wyld is a scooter styled like an American chopper with a low seat and large raised handlebars.

52 jangkitan baru Covid-19, Sabah tertinggi dengan 36 kes

Tiada kematian baru direkodkan hari imenjadikan jumlah kumulatif kematian kekal 130 orang.

52 new Covid-19 cases today, 36 of them in Sabah

No new Covid-19 related deaths were reported as the death toll remained at 130.

20 jangkitan baru Covid-19, Kedah 9 kes

Sabah mencatatkan angka ke-2 tertinggi hari ini dengan 8 kes.

20 new Covid-19 cases today, one death reported

Kedah recorded 9 cases, 8 of which were from the Sungai cluster, while Sabah recorded 8 infections.

Tailor who dressed former PM ready to call it a day

Third-generation owner of Kwong Fook Wing, who tailored suits for royalty and a former prime minister, is putting down his scissors for good.

95 new Covid-19 cases, with one death in Sabah

Ninety infections alone are from Sabah.

Covid-19 catat 1 kematian, 95 kes baharu

Sabah terus catat kes harian tertinggi dengan 90 kes hari ini.

Rohingya groups in ‘solidarity’ with Myanmar’s ethnic Rakhine

Arakan Army soldiers have detailed how they were ordered to 'exterminate' Rohingya and 'wipe out' their villages.

21 new Covid-19 cases reported, 16 of them local

Sabah recorded the highest number of new infections.

21 kes baharu Covid-19, 8 di Sabah

Daripada jumlah keseluruhan kes 16 adalah penularan tempatan dan 5 import.

Covid-19 cases breach 10,000 mark, 60 more detected in Sabah

The health ministry also says 26 patients were discharged in the last 24 hours.

Covid-19 catat 10,031 kes, 59 di Sabah hari ini

62 kes baharu dicatatkan hari ini dengan 59 di Sabah, Kedah dan Pulau Pinang masing-masing mencatatkan 1 kes.

Bleak and stormy times for fishermen

Coastal fishermen are sinking, dragged down by shrinking catches and falling prices.