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Is Arab unity dead?

A number of Arab governments are working closely with Israel to address the Iranian threat because they regard Iran a fundamental threat to their interests.

The true toll of the trade war

Like other economic superpowers, China grew on the back of manufacturing exports. But, unlike those countries, it is now threatening to compete directly with the West.

Why the Middle East is betting on China

Despite having naval bases in Djibouti and Gwadar in Pakistan, China does not aspire to have any great political role in the Middle East.

A Tiananmen Solution in Hong Kong?

Any move to stop the protests by bringing in security forces from mainland will mark the official end of the 'one country, two systems' arrangement.

The tragedy of Gaza’s children

The Israeli-led blockade is pushing Gaza further toward the cliff edge of a humanitarian emergency.

Asia’s scary movie

A snapshot of Asia would show a stable and peaceful region, but a moving picture would be less reassuring.

The art of wait and see

Beijing would hate nothing more than to resemble the court of the Qing Dynasty in its decline.

Power and interdependence in the Trump era

The relationship of power and interdependence changes over time, and too much manipulation of America’s privileged position in global interdependence could prove self-defeating.

The lasting tragedy of Tiananmen Square

30 years after the June massacre in 1989, China is headed in the direction that those responsible for the crackdown would have wanted.

The real victims of China’s trade patterns

While China reaps growing benefits from its neighbours, most of the rest of Asia faces a negative net stimulus from it.

China’s selective memory, 30 years after Tiananmen massacre

A month after marking a century of the May Fourth Movement at Tiananmen, comes the 30th anniversary of the massacre at the same site.

Netanyahu means war

Trump and Netanyahu are two sides of the same political coin, and will do almost anything to please their conservative bases.

We don’t need a bigger particle collider

If technological breakthroughs make colliders more affordable, it might be worth building one that is bigger than the Large Hadron Collider.

Racist rhetoric triumphs in Israeli elections

Former Israeli foreign minister gives a damning appraisal of Benjamin Netanyahu and how his racist rhetoric pushed him to victory again.

Does China have feet of clay?

China is a country with great strengths, but also important weaknesses. US strategy should avoid exaggerating either.