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FMT columnists weigh in on everything from street food to international politics.

When NGOs go hog wild for no good reason

The most recent incident saw several NGOs getting worked up over a picture of a meat dish which turned out to be made of beef.

Hadi, the voice of hypocrisy

Better non-religious politicians committed to serving the people than hypocritical ones hiding behind religion.

Sentimen Melayu-Islam diguna untuk lawan Malaysia Baru

Sesungguhnya Malaysia berada dalam keadaan sukar apabila terdapat persaingan PH dan BN yang dikaitkan dengan kaum dan agama.

Dancing with lawyers: Richard and Tommy do the twist

Although Chief Justice Richard Malanjum and Attorney-General Tommy Thomas did not burn up the dance floor at the Sabah and Sarawak legal fratenity’s gala dinner, their twists have led to a burning debate.

‘Troll’ Najib buat PH sakit punggung

Siapa menyangka Najib yang dilihat ramai sepatutnya lemas ditimbuni pelbagai tuduhan berat di mahkamah menjadi selebriti di alam maya, terutamanya Facebook.

When Tommy takes his slick moves to court

While we are quick to criticise Attorney-General Tommy Thomas for his dancing to Chubby Checker’s “Let's Twist Again” at a private event, we are slow to compliment him for what he is doing to fight injustice.

The dangerous ways we acquire knowledge

What we need in post-election Malaysia is to focus on how Malaysians acquire knowledge.

Curfew won’t stop kids from taking drugs

Such a curfew would be difficult to enforce and, in any case, parenting should not be outsourced to the government.

Melayu pandai buat bakul

Tidak dapat menafikan betapa Melayu telah ketinggalan oleh sebab cengkaman penjajah. Tetapi apakah penawarnya agama berasaskan feudalisme?

Malaysian Islam seen through 3 men

A look at the views of a PAS leader, the Perlis mufti and a Muslim activist.

Of food, English and Terengganu’s new economy

Terengganu should step up efforts to promote industries such as food and tourism in order to make its mark in the country.

The offence of the cross

How a few lights in the shape of a cross can be seen as an affront to the position of Islam in the federation is simply incomprehensible.

Indira’s ex-husband can run, but he can’t hide

If Mohamad Riduan Abdullah is still in the country, it is impossible for him and his daughter, Prasana Diksa, to remain under the radar forever.

Buat apa ya PRK Cameron Highlands

PRK Cameron Highlands dicemari insiden-insiden yang mengakibatkan keputusan pada PRU14 terbatal.

What’s behind Anwar’s visit to India?

India and Malaysia may look up to each other as influential and democratically matured Asian powers, but in reality, both nurse mutually inflicted wounds.

Time to help the first Malaysians

With the Cameron Highlands by-election showing the importance of the Orang Asli as voters, it is only right for the government to implement effective programmes to uplift the community, including granting them land rights.

PPBM: passion or profit?

PPBM must decide whether it wants to be Umno in disguise or it wants to be a party of vision and exemplary public service.

Address the problem of incompetent civil servants

Most rural and illiterate folk do not dare question civil servants and demand for accountability.

In Malaysia, is religion truly for God?

Malaysians should rebuild their faith and their houses of worship to include those of other beliefs as well as the poor and destitute.

Menyingkap rahsia sejarah gugup di Pulau Kukup

Pulau Kukup yang kaya dengan hutan bakau melalui zaman kapitalis Arab dibantu penjajah dan elit.

The Malay boy who lived among the Chinese

This is the story of a scrawny Malay boy who studied at a Chinese school for five years without once experiencing racist attacks by his classmates.

Bad owners to blame for badly behaved dogs

Many people may be frustrated by the noise or behaviour of badly trained dogs, but the animals are not to blame for this and should not be subjected to acts of cruelty.

Malaysia’s critical role in a failed Muslim world

Like the rest of the Muslim world, Malaysia has a steep uphill trek in order to overcome backwardness.

Kuasa politik terhad untuk penuhi harapan rakyat

Berjaya mencapai sebahagian aspirasi pun sudah mencukupi jika disedari tentang hakikat kuasa politik ada hadnya.