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FMT columnists weigh in on everything from street food to international politics.

Clearing the air on halal food in Japan

The halal component would add value to the overall food chain in Japan as far as Muslim consumers are concerned.

Apabila Myanmar dan Israel sekepala dengan Zahid dan Hadi

Myanmar ingin membunuh Rohingya, Israel ingin menghapus hak Palestin, apa alasan Hadi dan Zahid menolak ICERD?

The Orang Asli need help, not insults

Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu needs to gain better insight into the lives of the Orang Asli, and to meet them on their own turf instead of speaking to village elders in his office.

Euphemisms in geopolitics

It is time for Malaysia to articulate its own narrative to describe the reality of geopolitics, and to call a spade, a spade.

Rethinking the role of civil society in the New Malaysia

Patience, a change in narrative and a virtual shadow Cabinet are the keys for civil society to play a pivotal role.

ICERD rally: Who stands to benefit?

It is not just the rally, any incident, especially a clash, that can be shown to reflect a weak government is always useful to the opposition. It was the same when BN was in power; it is the same now that PH is in power.

Tak iktiraf ICERD patut dijadikan keputusan Parlimen, elak U-turn

Wajarlah kerajaan PH mengambil langkah memaktubkannya sebagai keputusan Parlimen agar ia tidak boleh dibangkitkan lagi, meskipun berlaku pertukaran kuasa ataupun rombakan Kabinet pada masa hadapan.

A street sign is more than just a sign

A street name can have a powerful effect on our common heritage of building this country together as a nation of many ‘nations’, and a city is really the imprint of the memories of its people.

Edi Rejang deserves a second chance

What sets Edi Rejang apart from all the other racists out there is his willingness to apologise and make amends for his misdeeds.

Dekan menari, siswa bertepuk tangan

Selepas AUKU, siswa mengalami proses menjadi tuli dan buta.

When parents behave badly

Even adults behave badly in public, and not all of them apologise for their acts.

ICERD and the end of Malaysia Baru

Rather than being consigned to the dustbin of history after May 9, Ketuanan Melayu will now become the altar at which all Malay politicians will have to offer obeisance if they wish to hold power.

Teacher education, the missing link

The time is ripe for our society to direct the education narrative to include teacher training.

MIC chief’s behaviour may have backfired

SA Vigneswaran may have been trying to gain public support over the episode at KLIA, but the people are more likely to be behind Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook.

Marvel maestro Stan Lee joins the Warriors Three in comics Valhalla

Pop culture legend Stan Lee, the man who created the Marvel Universe and popularised comics with others such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, is no more, but his creations will live on.

Malaysians should learn how to be happy

If what we read in the news and talk about with our friends is anything to go by, many Malaysians are suckers for bad news.

Teknologi tinggi: Pilihlah jalan yang sukar, Tun

Kelekaan kerajaan berhubung sistem teknologi tinggi juga terserlah apabila kita meminta pertolongan Rusia bagi menyelenggara pesawat yang dibeli daripada Moscow.

The irony of Ku Nan’s present situation

The former minister made many remarks and accusations during his time in power which may have come round to bite him following his arrest and corruption charges.

Heralding the birth of the New ‘Old Malaysia’

Pakatan Harapan must fulfil its pledge to repeal the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971.

Keeping our children safe from sexual abuse

If rules are broken, the full force of the law should await errant childminders.

Negeri benci falsafah

Seawal 5 dekad lalu, Tunku Abdul Rahman sudah menolak negara ditadbir dengan rantai besi dan berkuku tajam menurut fahaman agama ketat dan sempit.

Makna kemenangan Azmin pada politik negara

Kemenangan Azmin Ali diharapkan dapat mengekalkan perpaduan PKR dan menyumbangkan pada kestabilan PH, satu perkara yang penting untuk kelangsungan kerajaan sedia ada.

A Japanese student shows why Mahathir-san is looking east again

The youth exemplifies the values that the prime minister wants Malaysians to inculcate so as to stride forward and grow the Malaysian economy.

Whose freedom of speech, Mahathir?

The prime minister speaks as if he's addressing an audience stuck in Malaysia's past.