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FMT columnists weigh in on everything from street food to international politics.

Makna 30 September pada Asia Tenggara

Tarikh bersejarah yang berlaku di Indonesia pada 30 September 1964 yang memberi kesan besar pada Malaysia, Singapura dan seluruh Asia Tenggara, benua Asia, malah dunia.

Lack of outcry over slow poisoning by the haze is astonishing

Malaysians appear to have accepted the annual haze exported by Indonesia and the indiscriminate logging of forests which will have long-term consequences.

Masalah dalaman PKR cerminan Kabinet Anwar kelak?

Berdasarkan prestasi PKR hari ini, percayalah majoriti rakyat lebih rela Dr Mahathir Mohamad terus mentadbir kerajaan sehingga habis penggal 5 tahun.

Are Chinese schools bad for national unity?

Many Chinese schools are more multi-ethnic than national schools.

Navigating the hazy road ahead

A joint Asean forest fire-fighting force can be deployed every year to fight forest fires.

The coming crisis of China’s one-party regime

With its superior capabilities and efficiency, and despite Trump’s destructive leadership, the US is far more likely to prevail in the Sino-American cold war than China.

Can Umno-PAS save Malaysia?

Umno has opted to dig the trenches of racism and extremism even deeper by working with an irreparably extremist party that has consistently rejected democracy, inclusiveness and religious tolerance.

Apabila 2 beruk bercumbu

Pantun Melayu menerangkan perihal kesasauan Melayu yang dilamun perasaan sehingga tidak pun ternampak kudis buta yang digaru kiri.

Equal partners but no money?

It's easy for the opposition to promise the sky, but it can be difficult to deliver once you are the government.

Malaysia Baru belum terlaksana tapi sudah terancam

Halangan untuk pelaksananaan bukanlah datang dari kerajaan tetapi banyak perkara adalah kerana masyarakat Malaysia belum boleh atau sedia menerima.

Beauty and the brains: the Alatas family love story

A daughter's tribute to one of Malaysia's best known intellectuals – and the largely-forgotten woman by his side.

Will Umno-PAS pact create 2 Malaysias?

By stressing on the rights of Malay-Muslims, Umno and PAS will alienate the non-Malays and widen racial and religious differences.

Hazy road ahead

It’s been a hazy 'Hari Malaysia' weekend and one can’t help but wonder, if anybody is worried about it at all.

Kerjasama Umno-PAS jadikan isu Azmin terpencil bagi Anwar

Apabila Umno-PAS menandatangani piagam bersejarah untuk berkerjasama, isu Azmin Ali menjadi isu yang terpencil kepada Anwar Ibrahim dan cita-citanya menjadi PM.

In defence of Mukhriz

Mukhriz is not as blameworthy as he was made out to be by some quarters in the Opcom share sale.

Shariah courts need urgent reforms to protect women

Maria Chin Abdullah has raised awareness of the workings of the shariah courts which, divorced Muslim women will tell you, need to be improved.

Is Arab unity dead?

A number of Arab governments are working closely with Israel to address the Iranian threat because they regard Iran a fundamental threat to their interests.

The complicated landscape of Sabah’s illegals

Issuing a temporary Sabah pass to qualified foreigners is a bold move but many fear for the future of the state.

M for Malaun

'Si kafir' ini percaya Melayu perlu mempunyai sejumlah kualiti yang teruk dan mesti dipupuk dengan sistem pendidikan yang tujuannya membina lagi semangat ketuanan.

This Malaysia Day, let’s boycott hate and fear

Hostility and suspicion have shrouded our nation like the haze that is now choking us.

What India’s space mission can teach us

Despite the transfusion of 'new blood' on May 9, we continue in a half-hearted, superficial vision of development.

Jurang persepsi di media sosial dan realiti masyarakat

Jika seseorang tidak menyertai media sosial tetapi masih mengikut perkembangan dalam media konvensional iaitu akhbar, radio dan tv, gelora media sosial tidak akan mereka rasai.

Rethinking ECRL

The spotlight is now back on China’s involvement in the whole affair.

Raatchasi ignites self-reflection among teachers

Maszlee Malik is right to urge teachers to watch the movie ‘Raatchasi’ as it has many lessons which, if taken to heart, may just help improve the schooling experience.