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FMT columnists weigh in on everything from street food to international politics.

Pecahkan monopoli Touch ‘n Go di tol lebuh raya

Kini perkhidmatan dan servis Touch 'N Go kelihatan ketinggalan zaman dan mula dipertikaikan rakyat.

Malaysia is a nation of extremes

Extremism can either rear its ugly head or contribute to progressive collective behaviour.

The true toll of the trade war

Like other economic superpowers, China grew on the back of manufacturing exports. But, unlike those countries, it is now threatening to compete directly with the West.

Sejarah boikot dan hadis Whatsappiyyah

Boikot selalu dilakukan dengan niat baik memihak kepada murbawan. Bagaimana pula dengan seruan boikot yang kita saksikan minggu ini?

PPBM: Out of touch and out of step?

We didn’t exorcise Umno from Putrajaya only to see its ghost stalk the halls of power again.

Shooting the messenger, Dr M’s way

Dr Mahathir's rich legacy as a statesman should be preserved for us to cherish, without any blemish of an ignominious end.

So much potential for train travel

Intercity services should be the main target market for KTMB, but this market has not been exploited.

Apabila simbol negara jadi beban

Apabila disebut setiap negara perlu memiliki syarikat penerbangan sendiri, maka ia menuntut renungan terhadap asal-usul perkhidmatan udara sebagai simbol negara.

Race + religion + recession = trouble

As religious and racial fault lines widen, as pessimism grips people after 62 years of Merdeka, the prospect arises of a recession exacerbating the situation.

Correcting the U-turn government

The public, the Cabinet and the whole country seem confused over policies that have been suddenly thrust upon us.

Terima kasih Agong, Permaisuri jadi penyatu rakyat

Agong dan Raja Permaisuri Agong kini adalah selebriti baru yang dekat di sanubari rakyat. Mereka adalah 'role model' baru kepada rakyat.

Is Pakatan Harapan serious about protecting human rights?

Or is the deportation of Turkish national Arif Komis and his family meant to get on the good side of the Erdogan regime.

Merdeka is about work in progress

Instead of just one day of celebration, we should build on our unity and the contributions of each race every day.

Merdeka with a difference

As Malaysians, we have no option except to work together.

Negeri miskin dan mereka yang mendongengkannya

Bahawa Malaysia miskin terlalu jelas, dan mereka yang tidak mahu mengakuinya terpisah dari kenyataan.

Jadikan sejarah pendorong kemajuan, bukan belenggu kehancuran

Tindakan mengungkit butiran sejarah lama yang memecahkan perpaduan dan meruntuhkan negara merupakan jalan negatif yang tidak bermanfaat pada rakyat tanpa mengira kaum.

I weep for you, Oh Malaysia

Decades of Umno rule, of race-baiting and outright racist policies, of constantly belittling and disrespecting racial and religious minorities, of disowning them at every turn and seeing them as enemies, have taken its toll.

Tun Razak and the question of racial dominance

Malaysia’s second prime minister was against any sort of racial dominance or superiority, and frequently urged leaders to sustain the racial harmony that existed.

Masa untuk Dr M guna kuasa prerogratif rombak Kabinet

Sekiranya ada parti yang membantah keputusan rombakan Kabinet, mereka seharusnya mengundurkan diri daripada pentadbiran Mahathir Mohamad.

Better ways than Gojek to help the jobless young

Rushing to find solutions to youth unemployment may not yield the desired results in the long run.

Why the Middle East is betting on China

Despite having naval bases in Djibouti and Gwadar in Pakistan, China does not aspire to have any great political role in the Middle East.

Towards equity and equality in our healthcare

Malaysians are more interested in healthcare policies beneficial towards the middle-income Malaysian, but ignore the underprivileged.

Stop wearing mufti’s hat

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin should vacate the position of mufti so that he will be free to air his views in any form of media or open forum.

Mufti Asri’s rant

Like Newton's third law, when you start the idea that Malaysia belongs to the Malays, you will get an equal and opposite reaction.