It’s ‘do or die’ for MCA in Johor, says sacked leader


PETALING JAYA: A former MCA rep warns that winning seats in Johor is crucial if the party is to survive and remain relevant after the 14th general election (GE14).

Speaking to FMT, former Subang Jaya assemblyman Lee Hwa Beng said MCA was going “all out” to defend Johor as this was where the party had the most parliamentary seats.

“Three more seats are outside Johor, hence the intensifying statements that the party is constantly making.

“They know that if they don’t at least retain these seats, they are going to ‘die’.

“Of course they are scared. No matter what, they will try to defend these seats, otherwise their significance will be gone forever,” he said.

In the 2013 general election, MCA won seven parliamentary seats and 11 state seats.

The following year, MCA said it was focusing on 11 state seats in Johor to win back voters in GE14.

They include Stulang, Johor Jaya, Parit Yaani and Bekoh, where MCA lost narrowly to the opposition by margins of 3% to 8%.

However, Lee said Chinese voters in Johor had already decided who to vote for in GE14, and it would not be MCA.

Lee, who was once an MCA central committee member, was sacked by the party in 2013.

He said Chinese voters in Johor are less racial in voting, and would even go for a non-Chinese candidate to deny MCA victory.

“They will vote for change instead of the party,” he said.

Lee believes nothing will bring back the support MCA once enjoyed.

“The Chinese know that MCA’s winning does not translate into the party securing a seat in the Cabinet.”