Lynas touts its independence from China in push for rare earths growth

Lynas Corp chief executive officer Amanda Lacaze said it aims to remain a leader in the rare earths market.

CHICAGO: With China threatening to curb exports of rare earth minerals, Lynas Corp is making an aggressive push for fresh business across the globe and billing itself as the best option for its customers to tap diversified supplies of the specialised materials.

While Australia-based Lynas cannot match China’s rare earths processing capability, it is hoping that its role as the only rare earths miner and processor outside of China will help it forge new relationships and fuel expansion projects.

China last month warned it may curb exports to the United States of rare earths, a group of 17 minerals used in a plethora of military equipment and high-tech consumer electronics.

“We are truly independent from China,” Lynas Chief Executive Amanda Lacaze told the Argus US Specialty Metals conference in Chicago.

“We aim to remain a leader in the rare earths market. There will be significant growth outside China so long as customers are confident in supply.”