Most Singapore mosques to reopen on June 2

The Sultan mosque in Singapore has been closed since March 13. (AP pic)

SINGAPORE: Most mosques in Singapore will reopen in progressive phases from June 2 while congregational and Friday prayers will remain suspended until further notice.

The republic’s stricter circuit breaker measures which kicked in on April 7, to curb the spread of Covid-19, will end on June 1.

According to Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), mosques in the republic will offer limited spaces for individual prayer to cater to the needs of mobile essential workers.

In addition, 68 mosques will open for limited operating hours from 1pm to 6pm for six days until June 7 while from June 8 onwards, most mosques will allow individual worship for five daily prayers.

In line with the national guidelines, MUIS, in a statement, said up to five prayer zones will be demarcated, with each zone able to accommodate up to five individuals from the same household.

Given the limited prayer spaces, it said priority should be given to individuals performing essential services, who due to the nature of their work are unable to perform prayer at a fixed workspace.

“This will include mobile delivery drivers and riders as well as drivers of personal hire vehicles and taxis,” it said.

MUIS advised the community to adhere to the necessary precautionary measures, including donning masks, bringing own personal prayer items such as prayer mats, and avoiding inter-mingling with others at the mosque including no handshakes.

All mosques in the republic were closed on March 13.