FMT joins with ‘Thank Friday It’s Football’ ahead of EPL

PETALING JAYA: If you’re one of the millions who can’t wait for the English Premier League season to resume after a three-month hiatus, you’ll want to tune in to Ross Yusof and his commentators in a refreshing new football magazine show.

FMT has teamed up with the team from “Thank Friday It’s Football on Video” (TFIF on Video), which besides Ross, also features Dez Corkhill, Gogulan Dorairajoo and Keeshaanan Sundaresan.

From June 19, TFIF on Video will be available every Friday on FMT’s YouTube channel, with reviews and previews of match fixtures, latest team news and predictions.

Ross and his team have put up this clip celebrating the return of EPL along with previews of Wednesday’s matches, including the highly anticipated clash between Manchester City and Arsenal.

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