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The latest in lifestyle, from food to homes.

Feeding the underprivileged with The Lost Food Project

Residents of the Lembah Pantai PPR residences receive food aid on World Food Day, courtesy of The Lost Food Project and Cargill.

What to do when a loved one suffers from depression

Your support can make a big impact on your family member’s recovery from depression.

The 2 magic numbers to retire comfortably

To retire comfortably, you need a savings plan and to add to your EPF savings.

Egypt unveils trove of ancient coffins excavated in Luxor

The decorated coffins of men, women and children are believed to belong to family members of high priests.

Joker movie scene becomes latest New York hotspot

Since the release of the movie, many New Yorkers and out-of-towners have traveled to the Bronx to gawk, and take selfies at the now infamous scene.

Versace jacket, silk caftan among Liz Taylor’s treasures set for auction

Previous auction in New York totalled sales topping US$156 mil.

Difficult breakups aren’t necessarily associated with gaining weight

The occurrence of 'sorrow fat' may not be as common as we think.

‘Black Panther’ star Daniel Kaluuya bringing kids fave ‘Barney’ to film

Barney the Dinosaur is coming to life through movie star Daniel Kaluuya and Mattel.

Meghan Markle says motherhood a ‘struggle’ under spotlight

Markle's comments come after legal action was taken against British tabloid for privacy invasion.

Fail-proof recipe for soft and sweet Hawaiian Rolls

These delicious rolls can be enjoyed with butter and jam, or used to mop the thick gravy of savoury dishes and soups.

A day in Elton John’s life: Buy Rolls, write hit song,...

The 'Crocodile Rock' singer's diary jogs the good and bad memories throughout his 50-year career.

10 kinds of mindsets that influence financial independence

Financial independence is within your reach once you start thinking like a winner.

Breast cancer: Even men are susceptible to it

It is estimated that a little less than 1% of all breast cancer cases occur in men, with one in 1,000 men diagnosed with this critical illness.

2 island must-eats when on a day trip to Penang

Mee Sotong Hameed Pata and Nasi Kandar Deens Maju are two unforgettable eateries in Penang.

NASA’s first all-female spacewalk

US astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir finally make history after aborted mission earlier this year.

Air pollution may cause memory loss, equivalent to 10 years’ ageing...

Researchers say study results are ‘concerning’, consistent with animal studies.

Warm and wondrous fare at Wild Rice Restaurant

The Wild Rice Restaurant at Boulevard Hotel in Mid Valley is open 24 hours a day.

Leisurely, lovely and lush Lisbon

Lisbon has done a good job in preserving the character of its historic centre.

Subaru Forester 2.0iS EyeSight: Driving with clarity

This new generation Forester comes with many comfort and safety features.

Terra: Feisty pup with an obsession for balls

Terra is Anura Jeffrey's soulmate, having come into her life after the death of the young girl's Maltese.

Put your cigarette out before it puts you out

Wait no more. There is ample support and numerous benefits for you to quit smoking. 

56 PR1MA housing projects cancelled

The housing and local government ministry says these projects were valued at nearly RM10 billion.

Eiffel Tower-produced wine to debut next year

Paris’ heritage in viticulture given second wind by local startup.

Sweden to raise retirement age to 62 next year

Politicians have voted to gradually raise the pensionable age in order to sustain the system.