Artist Maurizio Cattelan creates a BMW Spaghetti Car


In fact, according to Cattelan, who is technically retired from the concept of art, what he has done with the battery-powered BMW i3, with the help of BMW France, photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and Toilet Paper, the publication Ferrari and Cattelan co-created is neither an art car, nor art.

“This is by far the best Spaghetti Car I have tasted!” said Cattelan. “All those years of perfecting definitely paid off! Totally awesome!”

And because it is not an art car, its design will be destroyed once the show, which this year runs until September 25, comes to an end.

“The long-term cultural commitment of BMW France evolves around photography. It comes natural to count us among the admirers of Maurizio Cattelan. As for creating “art,” we love what he does and we love it just as much when he does not do anything,” said Serge Naudin, President of BMW France.

However, BMW’s Art Car series is alive and well with the next editions, by John Baldessari and Cao Fei, set for reveals over the next 12 months.