3 minute preview: ‘Pete’s Dragon’

petes-dragon-elliot-fliesWhat’s it about?

Pete’s been out in the forest for six years, all on his own, until he is found by park ranger Grace.

He’s obviously capable, but park staff start asking themselves whether he really was alone. Could anyone survive for six years without any help at all?

As it turns out, Pete’s been looking after someone called Elliot all this time, and wants to go back and check that he’s OK. He might not know what dragons are, but it looks like that’s exactly what Elliot is.

Who’s in it?

Oakes Fegley has been acting in feature films since 2014’s “Fort Bliss” and “This Is Where I Leave You,” the same year he appeared in adult drama “Boardwalk Empire.”

He plays Pete, and in 2017 will appear in the film adaptation of “Wonderstruck” from Todd Haynes.

Bryce Dallas Howard of “Jurassic World” is Grace, the kindly forest ranger who finds him, after her dad (Robert Redford, “Charlotte’s Web”) and local girl Natalie (Oona Laurence, “Bad Moms”) help her work out what’s really going on.

Who’s behind it?

The story of “Pete’s Dragon” is actually nearly 40 years old, with the original film having been released in 1977.

This new version makes a lot of big changes to the original, not least of which being the spectacle of Elliot the dragon himself.

The director, David Lowery, oversaw “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” which was a hit with Sundance’s awards panel in 2013 — a film festival founded by Robert Redford.

His co-writer, Toby Halbrooks, also found success at Sundance with short film “Dig” the next year.

When’s it out?

The PG-rated “Pete’s Dragon” releases in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland on August 12, with the film starting its international rollout the same week — it opens in Italy on August 10, and in Russia on August 11.

French cinemas start showing the film on August 17, Mexico, Argentina and the Netherlands on August 18, Germany on August 25 and Vietnam on August 26.

September sees it arrive in Singapore (1st), the Philippines (7th), Australia (15th) and Brazil (29th) while Japan, the world’s fourth-biggest film market, debuts “Pete’s Dragon” on December 24 — the day after the annual national holiday for the Emperor’s birthday.

Trailers & Social

Disney’s trailer channel has the Pete’s Dragon US trailer at youtu.be/fPOamb6d_20 plus a playlist of trailers, clips and featurettes.

There’s a Facebook page at facebook.com/DisneyPetesDragon, an Instagram account at instagram.com/disneypetesdragon, and a Twitter handle at twitter.com/disneypetes.

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