North America gets its first pizza ATM


It’s enough to be the envy of university students and pizza lovers nationwide: a vending machine that delivers a piping hot pizza pie in three minutes to help satisfy any late-night munchies or fuel a marathon, all-nighter study session during exam season.

Created by French company Adial, the pizza ATM makes its North American debut at Xavier University in Cincinnati this fall, where students will be the first to test the automated pizza delivery system.

The machine debuted in France about a decade ago, where it’s known as PizzaDoor and exists in a handful of cities across the country.

The 12-inch pizzas can be customized with a choice of toppings and take three minutes to make.

The machines hold up to 70 pizzas which are delivered in traditional cardboard pizza boxes. Each pie costs $9.

The pizza ATM follows on the heels of the world’s first cupcake ATM dispenser which debuted in 2012 in Beverly Hills. Sprinkles Cupcakes allows consumers to satisfy their sweet tooth at all hours of the day or night for $4.

And in France, the French can also get freshly baked baguettes from automatic dispensers when their local bakery is closed.