Too soon? McDonald’s takes aim at Starbucks with release of pumpkin spice latte this month


For summer lovers, the news may smart. After Labor Day and the first day of the school year, the third and perhaps definitive occasion to mark the official end of summer is the season premiere of the pumpkin spice latte (PSL).

And while Starbucks traditionally releases their highly-anticipated dessert drink in September, McDonald’s, it seems, plans to one-up their rival with a premature start to the PSL season on August 31.

Though McDonald’s had released a PSL back in 2013 in select markets, this year marks the first time the drink will be rolled out nationwide across the US. The news was first reported by PopSugar. A spokesperson confirmed the news to Fortune.

The drink is made with espresso, pumpkin and spice flavorings, and whole or non-fat milk, and will be served throughout the holidays.

While it would be easy to chide McDonald’s for jumping the gun, General Mills has already released their pumpkin spice Cheerios, which hit US store shelves this month.