Google releases Duo app for Android and iOS, rivaling Apple’s FaceTime


Google Duo is billed as a simple video calling app that brings two callers face-to-face, using the front-facing cameras of their smartphones or tablets, over a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

Unlike Apple’s FaceTime, Google Duo is available to users of several operating systems — namely Android and iOS for the time being. Presented as the fastest and most easy-to-use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) tool, Duo is lined up as a direct rival to FaceTime (for iOS) and even Skype (available for Android and iOS) for making video calls.

Although relatively limited in functionality, the app does come with a new and amusing feature called “Knock Knock,” which shows the person calling live onscreen before you even answer the call.

Google Duo was released Tuesday, August 16, in the USA and will roll out to other regions imminently.

Duo will soon be followed by Allo, an intelligent instant messaging app expected to land with Android Nougat (7.0) this fall. Google Duo and Allo are due to replace Hangouts, which, in the future, should be more geared towards business users.

Download Google Duo: Google Duo