Jaws drop as ‘hottest grandpa’ hits the catwalk


PETALING JAYA: Just when you thought you’d seen them all, out strides a lean and mean machine, tearing down the catwalk, long silver hair flying wildly behind him as he models the hottest new fashions. Oh… and he’s shirtless, did we say?

Muscular, with washboard abs and looking pretty much like the perfect version of eye candy, 80-year-old Dushun Wang is raising eyebrows in the cutthroat modelling industry and for obvious reasons.

Making his modelling debut last year at the Chinese Fashion Week, Wang said people have not stopped talking about him since. The attention has also earned him the labels of “hottest grandpa” and “Internet sensation”, both of which he finds rather amusing as he heartily laughs it off.

In a short video about his life and how he came to start modelling at the tender age of… uh 79, Wang says humbly enough that he had been preparing for this day for the last 60 years.

Born and bred in Shenyang, China, Wang relates how he was a theatrical actor at 24, and only picked-up English at 44.

At 49, he started-up his own pantomime troupe and headed to Beijing as a “Beijing Drifter.”

“I had nothing to my name, starting everything from scratch,” Wang says.

At 50, he decided to get into shape and headed for the nearest gym where he put his heart and soul into working out, consciously doubling his efforts when he hit 70.

He got his first break on the catwalk nine years later and said, “I’m 80 this year, and I still got some left in me. I still have some dreams to achieve.”

Believing that it’s never too late to realise one’s potential, Wang gives some sage advice to those who give up to soon.

“Believe me, potential can be explored. When you think it’s too late, be careful you don’t let that become your excuse for giving up.”

“No one can keep you from success except yourself. When it’s time to shine, be the brightest.”

Coming from someone who’s been there, done that, this is pretty good advice we should all take to heart.